Durability loss on death


This is probably the most game ruining aspect of my experience in boundless so far. Its incredibly easy to die, from creatures or exploration.

The loss of weapon / tool durability is on death is a terrible mechanic/experience for me.

It only takes a few deaths to happen, ive been using my iron grapple for less than an hr in game and its already at its last incarnation. same with the iron hammer that was barely used before i went exploring, and ive broken all of what… five or six blocks this session and its almost a gonner.

I advise against this mechanic. When people die in real life their cars dont magically break down or computers stop working. Its really unfair to the players, especially new ones. It really makes me not want to play at all, dying is inevitable and theres a lot that goes in to making a batch of iron hammers. Why explore when i know its going to be detrimental to my overall experience.

There has to be a better more creative possibility out there than this.

Id almost rather take a % hit to current xp gains on current levels on death than lose tool lifespan.


Something like WoW, no durability loss until level 10? I see where you are coming from, but I like that feeling of danger. The lose of XP could work, if you do delevel when you die you lose a plot. The plot lose might be exciting since you might lose stuff from that area.


This inspires me for a new death mechanic proposal! On death, the player relinquishes all possessions, properties and wealth. Their character is then deleted, and access to boundless servers blocked for eternity. Thanks for playing the game of life! On the plus side, your equipment takes no durability loss!

Jokes aside, I’m sure you understand the reason for a death penalty to include things like durability loss? With the players ability to return to their place of death after respawn, almost no creature can pose a true threat to the player! If at least your gear can be lost, then you should have some motivation to avoid dying as best as you can.

Are you taking measures to avoid death? Packing healing brews and cooked meat, using your grapple hook to safely descend heights, and arming yourself with a slingbow should be ample preparation to explore even the most hostile environment in relative safety. There are few things that will outright kill a player, and all of them can be avoided or defeated with even a little effort.

If all else fails, stick to a friend. It’s dangerous to go alone! :crossed_swords:


Do you can be not so complainful? This mechanics is a result of long thoughts, not jost “let it’ll be so”. Now you trying to turn all developments backward.


See I’m the complete opposite of you. I’m thankful for the durability loss rather than the typical complete inventory loss or a reduction in exp. I can’t stand that. I worked for my stuff and for my kills, but because I lagged during a jump and fell to my death I lose everything. Bring on the durability!

With that said, I can’t say that I’d mind some sort of repair feature given how expensive some of the higher tiers are.


OMG can you imagine how terrible inventory loss or xp reduction would be? You just finish mining some ruby and gold, and die. OMG.


Ancient Component…


i never mentioned total inventory loss. that was also a bad mechanic if youre around strangers. and yes im taking SOME measures to avoid death. Mostly running away. Its not too hard to run away. But with your back turned, mining a bit, its not long before you have multiple enemies on you. Minutes.

To make it more clear, i would rather take a loss to xp gained on current rank…
so if im half way between rank twenty and twenty one, id rather take a 10% loss to that progress than a ten percent loss to my tools.

Option A is better than Option B doesnt make Option A a good option.

As for ‘no enemy posing a true threat’ lol sure… when there are so many enemies to find a player so easily, who deal such a high percentage of dmg per shot even at the lowest levels, combined with the what i feel is excessive fall damage… its really not long before youre out of tools…

I mean… Are you all still living on the beginner planets and sticking to them? Im out to explore, or just make my way from point a to point b and that is hazardous enough without trying to fight the enemies.


and to clarify, its not about complaining. its about helping to make the game enjoyable while its still in early development. if youre going to take every suggestion or critique as a negative complaint then youll never make progress with anything in life.


I see what you are saying, but you are missing 1 thing. You don’t have 1 experience bar, you have multiple and some are a lot harder to progress than others. Now you said [quote=“T4LCOMX, post:8, topic:6048”]
id rather take a 10% loss to that progress than a ten percent loss to my tools
[/quote] Loss to what progress? How is the system suppose to know what to take the loss from? The most recent xp pool to have been filled? The highest xp pool? The lowest, middle, most used, least used? You have just created an immense amount of variables. A percent drop to the currently equipped tools is not only significantly easier to program, it is significantly fairer. I know it might not seem like it because you are in the “my tool durability is more important than my experience” but you are incredibly wrong on that. Given how the experience system works in this game, losing any percentage of experience is easily days worth of set-back. While a percent drop to tool durability is nothing. I can barely even tell when my tools lose durability due to death. I know I would be able to tell if I lost xp due to death. It took me a few hours to go from level 3 to level 4 in Attack. And I died a few times, if I had lost xp it would have taken me A LOT longer. And I think Okkelinor said you shouldn’t be complaining so much just because of how your phrased what you said.


a 10% of what it takes to hit the next rank in all of them.

simple enough.


For attack, that is like 2 hours of hunting creatures. For building that is easily an hour of building. For mining depending on where your level stands it can be 15 min to a days worth of experience. And those are just 3 common ones. Trading is incredibly hard to level, so is crafting. And those are just the ones that are in the game right now, there are suppose to be a total of 13 (confirmation) “jobs”. So 10% off everything, you are easily talking a week or more worth of work. You might be ok with that, literally everyone else is not. I rather the tool I have equipped lose ALL remaining durability than lose 10% off ALL my xp pools.


firstly its not up to any of you other than an official forums mod to tell me what to or not to do…

secondly… the complaint only hurts as much as you let it. and while it may have taken you x time to get from attacker rank 3 to 4 it takes a matter of hrs to go from miner 20 to 21. again, nothing is set in stone, im not the dev, and i can not accurately propose numerical values, the point here is concept.

thirdly, a percentage of xp would scale as the amount to hit the next rank scaled. what wouldnt scale is ratio of effect it has on you as you do rank up.

lastly it doesnt HAVE to be xp. just like weapons dont HAVE to lose durability. They could easily charge you 10 coin instead. that would make 50 deaths the cost of a single warp. imo thats pretty fair.

and, if it absolutely has to be weapon / tool durability, that needs to be reduced. here i am saying ‘the penalty is too severe’ and all i get is ‘no any other possible option is the devil!!!’

you guys crack me up


But it’s not too severe. Literally in every game where there is durability penalty it’s that much, 10% is pretty much the base amount use. It’s the norm. I think you are just being stingy about it.

Coin cost, I could see that. The game does really need a coin sink other than porting, specially when making portals comes around.

I know it’s not up to us, but we are here to discuss it. The devs see the discussion, they see both sides and based on what they see they might put their 2 cents in or simply act. If you didn’t want players to put in their 2 cents, then you should have messaged a dev your critic and not made a forum post.


I know you never said inventory loss, I was comparing to other games.

There’s no need to get so defensive because we are not agreeing with you. You said you don’t like this feature and you explained why. Then our response was that we do not agree with you, and we explained why.

Lastly, while it should have worded it differently, I understand why they said you were complaining. Your initial post sounded like you were unhappy about something because it wasn’t convenient. Everyone has to remember its difficult to convey actual feelings/emotions through forum posts. So, let’s all remember to be friendly and open minded here!


Want it to go on the record, I don’t think you were complaining. I was just saying the reason why I think someone said you were complaining.


the first thing here is that im not telling anyone not to respond. you guys are saying ‘dont complain’

im saying mind your own business if you cant be nice in an objective discussion, and to not go bossing others around because you dont particularly agree with a suggestion.

ive gone through three silver hammers a titanium hammer and a gold hammer. using all of those i can say they do not last long enough for the 10% duration penalty from death combined with the basic use wear and tear. tools are a lot of work to make and the better tools more so.

its my personal opinion that they need to be adjusted to be more fair to those of us exploring and climbing etc. i barely even got to use the grappling hook because of this lol.


This is all a continuation of a very long and thoroughly debated topic that I’d rather not personally repeat. I suggest doing some reading on death penalties.


There is no “you guys,” as only one person (who isn’t a native English speaker) said it.

As for going through that many tools, how long did you have them? How many times did you die while you were using them?

It is also our personal opinions that don’t agree with you. I’ve had absolutely no issue with this loss of durability. I rarely have any of my high end tools with me until I find a good node. Then, I’ll plop down a beacon to prevent any regeneration (and to mark the node), grab my silver+ tools, and return.


OMG that is brilliant! I never thought of doing that. Oh, I am adding a beacon to my inventory right now.