Durability loss on death


I mine and hunt, quite extensively, across multiple planets but haven’t died in a long time. I’ve come close to it on a few occasions, sure, but I’ve always been prepared with health restoring goods.

I’ve learned to be more careful and not blindly run into areas without assessing first… plus switch items and eating/drinking whilst running away :wink:

Helpful hint if you’re mining into the side of a mountain, or even directly into the floor … block the entrance up so nothing can follow you in!

Death needs to be a penalty, otherwise there is no challenge (and I think 25% durability loss is perfectly fine imo). It teaches you to be prepared, especially on worlds where there is greater risk and rewards. It most definitely should not be a walk in the park to gain higher value items either.


well you shouldnt have told me that you dont mine and that you have others mine for you, cuz it surely gave me the wrong idea


lol wait till you start using silver and gold.


I already am and have been for quite a while


then 25% makes no sense.

i swear you guys are only playing devils advocate to play devils advocate…

a fourth of a loss on an item that takes tons of time and a bit of effort to make ? lol

ridiculous. i hope the devs are more aware and have a better view on it than those currently complacent


Please don’t try and label me as devil’s advocate for having an opinion that differs from yours. I did not label you, and I respect your opinion, I just gave my opinion in response. This is a forum after all :wink:

I’m also certainly not complacent, no matter how you want to spin it… I guess I’m maybe just more careful or reserved in my approach to gameplay (or lucky … who knows?).

Anyway, going back a ways when the devs originally started discussing death penalties, they wanted to make sure that it meant something. That it was important … a challenge, with threat. It’s a sentiment I still agree with now. It shouldn’t be easy to just run around and do everything, especially on the harder worlds where you’re more likely to gain better rewards … you shouldn’t be able to get to them so quickly … and you should certainly not be able to easily survive on them without being geared up or have help. For reference, this is the post I was thinking of … Art: Plinth and Container Props
My feeling is, if durability loss is too low, then that required threat is significantly reduced, and thus, so is the challenge.

There was also another thread which discussed the possibility of increasing the durability of tools and that things like durability would be affected by progression … Durability of Tools (Recorded information)

So, whilst it may seem unfair at the moment, because you think losing 25% of the current tools is a lot … there are a bunch of systems that aren’t in place yet. The actual initial durability of items is not really set yet. Essentially, what I am saying is that, if the initial durability of gold tools etc. were increased, either by progression or otherwise, then it would take some of the edge off your dislike of the 25% durability loss.


I think once impact damage is fixed everyone will probably be fine with durability loss


I don’t recall ever saying that. Perhaps you could show me where I said that? I can’t seem to find it in the search bar, and I have no recollection of such a claim. If I did, it was probably in the context of “It’s an MMO, you can do other stuff besides mine everything yourself too!”

I’m using Ruby tools and weapons myself. Still not a hugely impactful amount of work involved.

Not playing Devil’s Advocate here, just disagreeing categorically about your assertion that the death penalty is some how too severe at any level of gameplay. I am making the statement that death is easily avoidable enough, that the penalty could be HIGHER and it would reinforce the importance of safe play.


lol ancient components are easy to get in icey area’s under the ground :slight_smile:


ow and i died only once because in the beginning i dindt know waht to do to get hp… ofcourse cook something… but you know just beginning to play and you get 2 spitters on ya ass…


I’m not playing devils advocate though. None of us are. We’ve all stated our opinions, and gave reasons for our opinions.

Yes, it does suck dying from silly things and losing durability on equipment that is quite expensive. Yes, it does suck stepping out of your door and a spitter blasts your face before you get to use your new tool that you mined many hours to craft. However, if there was no penalty, then it might as well be creative mode. If the penalty is too low, then no one would use any health items, and would simply shrug it off as a minor annoyance.

When a player dies, there must be a penalty. The penalty, not the actual death, is what creates the fear and cautiousness. It’s what creates the thrill of surviving in a survival game.


Lies. We all know you’re a newbie Stretch


It’s true :disappointed_relieved: … I leave my computer on and logged into Boundless while I go to work, just so I can say that I’ve racked up over 400 hours in game :wink:


Boundless hasn’t had a great deal of time and attention spent on balancing the game (the huge HP and damage values are a good indication of that), but this will change as we add more complete systems. For example, the stats system is being developed right now so when this is implemented we will need to re-balance all these values again. (Time, Cost, Durability, Power, etc)

Some additional things to consider about this as well, we haven’t got the option for other players to revive you at the moment, but when this system is added you won’t receive a penalty if another players revives you, which will make healing type players more valuable to other users in the field.

We’ll also be adding a status effect system, so dying could incur a temporary reduction to all your stats.

When all these systems are in place we are likely to reduce the durability hit,



thank you for the insight.

this makes me (and im sure others) feel much better about it.

im not one to rely on playing with others, unless the game forces it. However, i recognize the value of the reviving option and how that is actually a fair incentive to explore in groups and not solo.

i cant wait to see the better adjusted values for things like durability loss and damage taken.

I really felt the dmg was too high, so your acknowledgement of that is a great sign, despite others here on the forums who are quite active and vocal being mostly ok with 1000+ dmg per hit (as a newb thats only ten hits)

i get treated like im some sort of wimp here on the forums… oh the dmg is too high NO ITS NOT oh the durability loss is too high NO ITS NOT… thats all i get here from players XD… is that everything is fine as is XD

its good to know that the devs have the intent to better balance the game and make it a bit less painful on us casuals


Nobody disagreed with the damage being too high though. If you had gone through the forums about similar topics, you’d have seen that devs already commented on this month’s ago. They’ve already said that these numbers are simply placeholders, will be adjusted, and looked at in more depth at a later time.

Rather than being so negative and downright childish, try stepping back and actually read what most of us have said in this thread. We’ve simply disagreed with your viewpoint. That’s all. We even gave our reasons for why we disagree. That doesn’t make you wrong, nor us right. This entire thread was simply based on opinions (not facts) about the current state of a game still in alpha, between players.

If you’re not open to others disagreeing or sharing your exact opinion, don’t create an opinion based thread



the times ive brought it up if YOU would have gone through the forums you would see stretch and havok saying the dmg is perfectly fine and that you should stock up on plenty of meat and berries to counter it


for someone telling others to not be ‘childish’ and to take ‘disagreement’ so lightly and with a grain of salt, youre taking my statements rather serious and personally.

its probably best if you ignore my posts if youre going to take them so personally


Just wanted to make a correction here … I’ve never said that damage was perfectly fine in this post… which is about durability loss on death.

I said that the durability loss was fine, in my opinion. The reason I gave that opinion is that I strongly believe that when there is a higher risk (in this case losing 25% durability on your items when you die), it drives you to be more practical and cautious in your approach to situations. It challenges you to try harder and be better, without the expectation that you can get everything with minimal effort - at least it does for me.

I can understand that this mechanic is a fine line for some and they’re relatively indifferent, and for others still, it will be completely off-putting, which you have expressed. I was not targeting you personally in any way, I was expressing my opinion on the subject you raised. This is a forum after all, we’re supposed to discuss things that we like and don’t like about the game … the durability loss for me, is one of the many things I like.

I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I believe that there should be risk with reward. It’s my opinion, nothing more.


im at the point where i dont care what anyone says anymore…

im going to give my feedback and opinion as i should being a player during early access.

i expect you all to give yours too, to the fullest/most honest extent.

the devs pay attention and they know what the deal is and as they begin to play as players and not devs theyll com into contact with all our issues.

the fact that warp costs are 100 to warp + 100 a hop now is amazing and shows that they do.

im really done with debating anything. we all feel the way we do for reasons and everyone is equally important here. i hope that the solutions regarding all the types of balancing that warrant 60 reply discussions or more find a home where we can all visit comfortably.