Duskmoor -Capitol of Pheminorum


Duskmoor is the capitol of the planet Pheminorum. We have portals that can take you everywhere you like and a very structured city system. We are always looking for new members to join our community. New player or old!!

Once you have your plots inside the city there is really no restriction on creativity, we only ask that you keep it family friendly. Our Discord is very active and we participate with many other guilds in the community. Need to go hunting P.U.R.E is just a portal away and leads the best hunts in the game.

There is plenty of room for improvement and growth, this city is by no means finished, it has just begun.

Come meet us any time

https:// discord.gg/U65T5KM

Thanks Salt#8843




The community in this city is the most welcoming. Feel free to contact me in-game or on our discord. My name is Monk and I am part of the building and design team.


Duskmoor a well known city with a new name and a new community leadership & community driven goals.

Our goals are simple have fun, create & Play it Forward.
And be the best city possible doing it all as a community.

This community impitamises what Boundless is. We have builders, traders, & hunters some all of the above.
The community is one of the best & I have explored a lot. They’re welcoming, helpful & driven to have fun.

We want more players to join us & honestly its growing almost daily.
We have a new portal system Duskmoor Galaxy with Fairy Tale Worlds up & being worked on so we can explore the galaxy that is Boundless.

Come join me,

I’m Nytemara South Darkmoor Design coordinator & all around city fan girl do come & meet my friends & become part of our growing family.
Yabo & Good Travels​:heart::hugs:


Blacklight was.


Still same city community just a new name for the city that was Black light
Duskmoor is made up of the same community players that still play there & that voted on a new name.
So yes it’s a known city just new name :hugs:


Btw all are welcome to join us on community Discord.
https://discord.gg/BAguac stop in anytime😀


A great community for a Capital planet. Very welcoming for anyone new to boundless. Enjoy the new Duskmoor Galaxy portal hub and maybe open a portal too.

My name is dexxx666 past by my shop doom101. Feel free dm me in game or on our new discord https://discord.gg/8RkDVQ everyone is welcome here.


Concept Art for our Portal Hub


Open Ground


Well can it really be called the same city when the whole place changed from the ground up? May still be the same people but for those that visited for the design it had before it’s no longer the same city


What is up with people nitpicking this community invitation post?


No idea, still a great city, even if a bit different. There are some great folks playing there. Seeing things change is always fun to see.


Most that has changed was community decided & had
to be rebuilt so a lot of builds were already in works prior & so city was getting a facelift already :grinning:.

Cuttlepunks GM & head quarters is located in Kada so buildings affiliated with them moved with them. And the Stargate system was moved with the members that owned it & decided to move on to new projects.

So community created replacements. We have a very creative community & the city is magical & filling with light & creativity is absolutely flowing.

Your welcome to come visit anytime.
Good travels & Yabo🤗



My Name is Salt, I am the ambassador of Duskmoor. My passion in Boundless is bringing community together, not only in Duskmoor but throughout the entire Ortian universe… Our city is run by a council of 9 people, I will let them introduce themselves😊. We believe in a strong community and a creative atmosphere for building. We promote hunting through P.U.R.E and our Center city portal network is a gateway to exploration and community relationships. We are Also strongly tied to Unholy Retribution and their amazing portal network “Fairy tale Worlds”, here we will be opening resource portals. I have had the privilege to meet so my interesting people in the last three months and it is my goal to continue to meet people from different communities and open new possibilities for Duskmoor and all of its friends. My primary mission now is to increase our ever-growing population and attain great city status. Chat me up any time, Salt#8843

I hope your journey is a long one


P.S Please feel free to introduce yourselves in our Discord in the Introductions channel


My in game names are ubermensch and Nachtmahr. I run the LED store in Gyosha Mall and in the south district of Duskmoor. I’ve been a part of this city since Ethos and Zina laid the first few blocks down during prelaunch. Since then, the city has changed at insane speeds. Every next bit just as beautiful as the last one.

I used to sit back,alone, in my house and watch as the town of blacklight was being built, remodeled, then areas torn down to be remodeled again. It fascinated me to see the passion of the players who were working on it flow endlessly. They built it with love and dedication.

Now that blacklight has been moved, and Duskmoor still remaining, I wasn’t going to sit back and watch it get remodeled a second time. I wanted to jump in, get to know the community and feel their passion for their city. I wanted to be a part of that. To be a part of one of the most open armed and caring communities I have ever met in any mmo. To be part of the remodeling. And here I am currently, a proud member of the Duskmoor council,and helping out as much as I can. Whether it’s building, decorating, or even helping out the new players who are moving in. It’s true, we have a few new faces move in every week. We love having them here, helping them, and love showing them the gorgeous city known as Duskmoor!

If there is anything anyone needs help with, or just want to chat about whatever, our discord is quite populated and full of amazing individuals! Post working hours, you’ll usually find 5+ of us on voice coms. Come stop in, say hi! We’re here for all of you!

One last important note:

I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU and Shout out to the amazing @Rumplypigskin for giving us the huge sets of plots he owned to continue our advancement of the city!! You definitely do not go unappreciated around Duskmoor!


Our Official Ortian Glyph


Some New Work Going on Around the city.

Our City Builder Monk _ Check out his Place!


I want to give a huge open armed WELCOME to all of the new players that have came in to be a part of Duskmoor over the weekend so far! It’s been a blast talking to each one of you on voice comms and in game!

It’s new players like you that help give us the extra boost to keep this gorgeous city moving forward in building and planning! You guy/gals are AMAZING!!!

We truly enjoy having all of you with us! And we look forward to seeing/meeting/talking/and helping all of the new players that will be joining our community soon also!


not to Worry, We now have a Hospital & Fire Station here in Duskmoor, Dochammer is taking care of all our public service needs