Duskmoor -Capitol of Pheminorum



Here is one of our connecting shops to Gyosha Mall, Back to back with Coil king


Duskmoor, capital of pheminorum, staying beautifully busy with citizens at all hours!! And we were still missing a handful of regulars! Time on pic is US central. No, that’s not during a hunt. That’s just us hanging out!

Welcome to everyone who has graced us with their presence and emigrated to our city in the last couple weeks! Happy to have all of you here!!!


Glyph in city center🤗


A View From Space


Arrow in the sky pointing the way to Duskmoor created by one of our creative community.
[DSK]Khaotik :grin::hugs:

West portal hub created by another of our creative community [DSK]Laluna :hugs:

Love Homage to to his kids by another creative community resident, [DSK]Ubermensch🤗

I love my community♥️


Every night is a great big party on Duskmoor discord!


Btw hard to miss Duskmoor city central Galaxy hub
Just look for the flashing Portals sign in the sky😀

Build community member created by, [DSK] Sterbehilfe


There is a new cult in town, fortunately everyone likes Pie


:pie:Church of Pie​:pie: build by Unusualpie

Slender Man👻 build by [DSK] Khaotik


Ss of hunt ran by DSK Colind aka DSK Mal
Last night outta Merika & Biitula.
Great fun Thanks to DSK Colind who lead the hunt🤗


From [~DSK~] Mal

Hello, just wanted to give a thanks to everyone that came out for the hunt last night. I had a lot of fun and I hope you did as well. There were a couple of oppurtunities for improvement with this last hunt and I appreciate your patience with an inexperienced hunt leader. It’s a learning process. I’m looking ahead and I’m going to schedule the next hunt for tomorrow (Tuesday) at the same time around 8:30pm EST until … It will also be a social/casual hunt on a lower tier planet, so no points are needed in protection and all levels of hunt experience are welcome. Thanks again and stay classy Duskmooor!


Introducing the brand new DSK Atlas shop, inside the grand Atlas statue! Come and admire the titan that holds up our world or enjoy deals on completed atlas’ from all 50 planets. Exo planets will appear in shop as quickly as the planets do! :smiley:


Now accessible from new PS Bitula hub and of course Duskmoor city center!


Pictures absolutely do not do this justice come to Duskmoor & chk it out, created by our own DSK Monk kudos on a great build.


Did I mention the atlas was a community funded project?!? Just another great part of this wonderful community. Everyone enjoys making your building, mining, hunting and even shop owning dreams come true.


Lots of Hunts Running from Duskmoor we are located on Pheminorum. We can be reached from Fairytale portals, hubbit,Ultima, PS and Legendville. Look for hunts from Huntleader Monk & Salt and HuntMaster Greenheart!!


and the aquatopian embassy :wink:


If were gonna nitpick between blacklight and duskmoor, I’ll just add that I liked it better when it was capital of Berlyn :wink:


Wasn’t Blacklight the capitol of Solum?