Duskmoor -Capitol of Pheminorum


Solum was pixelgate and aquatopia if I remember right, though I don’t know what came before pixelgate.


I may be miss remembering then but I’m pretty sure they took over capital of Berlyn from my city of New Berlyn.


therka market. the first big boundless city


Therka market was on Therka tho :stuck_out_tongue: these were capitals of Solum!


ahh. there was dragons watch.


Hello Everyone,
Duskmoor is offering all size portals for sale in the center city, you can message me Monk or Nightmara to change out signs or customize the portal size



I also forgot to mention we have dozens of housing plots starting a 3x3 just ask!


It’s great here… just moved in from Finata


I travel by here pretty regularly and they’ve been really busy with building and seem to be extremely active of late too. It’s cool to see!


Duskmoor offers t3 buffs grapple & run ,brew extension, t2 lava protection, plant healing & builders Insurance for all its citizens free of charge. We use all our foot fall from roads to maintain or buffs, many housing plots available

We are new player friendly and regularly run hunts,help us become the largest city in the game!

Looking for new residents to Duskmoor we welcome new and veteran players alike

Do you love to build? Maybe Duskmoor is a great place for you to show off those builder/chisel skills


What is the guilds forum on discord, I joined the farming guild yesterday, and I forgot to log onto discord. I also am excited to be part of the group.



Yes, we are always quite active in town! Whether we’re running hunts, working on the city, or helping others get set up, you’ll find one of us quite easily!!!