Dye system idea for Oort

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Alright so i am going to admit, i am a sucker for details, i love playing around with the small things on items making them feel like they are mine.

i talked to @ben over steam about the idea of having several ways to customize gear but he said it might be hard because they need to make more models, then i asked about colors and he said that was a possibility.

so i’ll try to convince them to the best of my ability.

2 Dye systems that i think is amazing comes to mind, Elder scroll online’s and then ofc GW’2 system

Both system are nice but they work in slightly different ways so i will do them seperately

Elder scrolls online

Eso’s system is an achievement based dye system, whenever you complete certain achievements you unlock a dye, those dyes are account wide and can be applied at a dye station which is usually located in the bigger cities near an alchemist.

every piece of equipment have 3 slots which can be dyed which results in a ton of different possible outcomes, also something that is awesome about this system is that there is a ‘‘random’’ button, this would choose 3 colors and put them in the specific slots, that way if you are in doubt what to use you can try to spam it and at 1 point you will find something completely stunning.

More pictures:

Guild Wars 2

in Guild wars 2 you can get dyes in 2 ways

  1. from dye boxes which drops from animals
  2. chefs could use a ton of materials to make dye crates of specific colors, the higher the mats the higher the chance of getting a rare dye

so the animals would sometimes drop a dye box, in the game there are colors from common to rare, the common had bigger chances of coming out of dye boxes and rare dyes was really hard to get, also making them worth alot.

i love guild wars 2 dye system from the bottom of my heart, they have around 300 different colors and you would unlock a dye and then always be able to switch colors when you wanted to.

the system works in a way that every item had from 1 to 4 dye slots on each part of equipment, you could dye the slots using the different colors, and you could get some pretty epic results, i played around with it to show how big of a different color actually makes.

Golden dragon:

Deadly flower:

Shadow Warrior:

Sky rider:

So pretty please, make a dye system for the game, its a great way to allow people to express themselves and a way to avoid having everybody look the same :smiley:


GW2 dye system would fit in great i believe :slight_smile:


i love dye systems, they only recently it in ESO and it made such a huge difference for me.

I used 2 hours at some point to get my asura necromancers outfit to look right :slight_smile:

This is amazing, I’d love to see the GW2 system in Oort!

i know the feel, i usually go with black as the main color since that always work, but the gold and red combination also looks really neat

Dark purple also crates a good base to some kinds of armor.

Dye systems are great, often in f2p games they are really difficult to get ahold of or you have to pay for them with real monies. I hope, if Oort does bring in a dye system, it’ll be achievement based or craft based (yet not too difficult or expensive to make) as looking different from (or the same as) other players should be something almost anyone can do with ease~!
I’d prefer if there was just a colour-picker thing where you could input an RGB or a HEX code to make a dye, rather than preset dyes though. I never find the right colour, otherwise ;o;

i hope for RGB for character creation, but for armor i would like preset dyes. GW2 is a genius example on how to do it, make random drop boxes and in those boxes make random dyes that can drop, i was always looking forward to finding a box with dyes and seeing if i got a rare dye. there should be some sort of accomplicement or carrot on a stick, it would suck if you had every dye unlocked from the start.

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While I like the idea of the GW2 system
Dyes are almost always either plant or mineral based
so that could be a way of distinguishing the Oort system from GW2
you go out and collect colored leaves and flowers and rocks and grind them into dyes

would also work, i just really hate 1 time only dyes xD

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Yeah it makes it kinda irritating if you keep upgrading your armor.

Dyes make such a difference! I always appreciated Ultima Onlines take. Dyes and a dying tub, rgb select and then hue w dark to light sliders. Everyone had the ability to dye all colors but pure black. If you liked a color you just kept the tub.
I do like the idea of dyes being dropped or crafted too. Especially like multiple available swatches to dye for each piece! Another reason to log in, “gotta catch em all.”

Can i get more +1 on the text by those who would like to see the system so the devs have a somewhat overview on how many like it?

I haven’t gotten to use the dye system in ESO much, but I thought it was really cool. Do they only have it for armor, or is there weapon dying too? I feel that would fit in.

only armor, i cant imagine how a weapon dying system would fit in, barbie swords all around? xD

Lol, I just think that having the default weapon colors of the same class as your armor wouldn’t look right if you’re going for a strict color scheme. Like having full emerald green colored heavy armor, but having a sword would be iron-ish colored.

i never really encountered that problem in any games involving dye systems, as you can see above i can use virtually any armor dye with the bow i equipped.

I know this is an old thread but since the game has come a long way since, i have some new ideas.

So I’m not sure how involved ink will be in the game, but we could use that to dye any of our building blocks in the mixer.

As an alternative we could also have new recipes on the extractor to allow us to extract a rock pigment from rocks/stones. Then us that pigment in the mixer to dye any of our rocks/stones/crafted refined blocks/decorative blocks.

OT: I can remember how certain dye mixtures in Guild Wars (1) had been sold for 10-15 platin just to get that little different touch of color x3 … sometimes i miss the times of my good old Fire Elementalist with Ranger as secondary job keeping people busy with my f-ing grizzly bear and nuking them with voleys of fire xD.

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