Dyspas PvP Concept/Idea

Alright so i just made a Whole image thingy explaining my idea so read this and give me your thoughts.


For the info i am dyspa itss just im waiting for name changing to come

I want to be an Enforcer.

I dunno if I like this idea, I mean even as a blue player it would be hard to defend if you are going to be turned into a different color by attacking an orange. I dunno.

by defend i mean a red or orange or green initiating the attack on someone or yourself and you defend it by killing them or doing something to them.

so in order to descend you have to initiate the attack. if someone attacks you lets say anotehr green and you defend it by killing him you won’t recive a penalty but he will for attacking you

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I think though that gives the attackers the first advantage and what if you see an attack commencing and you can’t defend yourself until you get hit by that person? Then you get flagged for a first strike as your not defending yourself.

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if he hits another player he has registerd the first hit in that chunk meaning you can register the second hit(the defense hit onto him

Hm, just imagine somebody has their backed turned and then they get attacked, they don’t get time to shout for help. lol Run and hide!!

This also gives me an idea, we shouldn’t be able to see other peoples names unless they are in plain sight and we are viewing them, it blows people’s covers I think especially in pvp and should only be viewable if they are in a party together.


i agree or actually even in plain site i think it should be within 10 blocks till their name shows instead of seeing through a mountain

I like it and I think it’s a good start maybe with more refinement it would be cool.

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What if people want to be sneaky? lol Or hide and seek games that are just purely for fun. XD

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no tag if in crouch mc style!

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I guess that would work, maybe if that oort shard that one that cloaks people in shadow? lol


As I already said when you first mentioned this idea in another post: great idea but it still needs some more refining/complexity.
First you should elaborate how declaring war and the war itself would work in your idea.
Then I dont like the idea of a total reset of the kill counter once a week/month I think it should slowly decrease (maybe 1 kill per day or something), but thats just a personal preference.
But what could happen(and i´d love to see this becomming a thing a few months after 1.0) is that one/some world(s) could turn into a pvp-world completly by itself, simply chosen by the community/the “red player faction”.

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I think if there is a player killer then, everywhere in that region, the bulletin board will have the players current face (changes to whatever that player is wearing automatically) and say Wanted or Outlaw, to show people in advance if they tend to check the boards often. XD


And no witnesses :smiley:

And if guilds had a tax system they could offer bountys XD


Maybe a bulletin board could be something craftable, that people put up in cities?(maybe only craftable if you are blue=law enforcer?) That shows a list of the names of all red players currently on the server (i think pictures could become a bit confusing on a populated server.
On the other hand if every bulletin board shows the picture/name of another red player (the chance its your face/name depends on your kill counter?^^)

[quote=“Grey707, post:17, topic:1461, full:true”]
And if guilds had a tax system they could offer bountys XD
[/quote]love it^^

Offtopic: you quys,without knowing, just described a system thats basically what EVE online does (including 4 colour crime system, bulletin boards with faces, bountys)^^

Well I was thinking that maybe that having 2 different types of bulletin boards, one for towns that are really big like 2-4 blocks across and one that is personal that is mostly used for requests and such.

Could you please explain what exactly you mean with requests?