Easy Vendor System

I have an idea how vendors could work easily in Oort.

To Get a Vendor
First of all, players can receive a “vendor coin” from the capitol of there server (a vendor vendor if you would). These coins are the blocks for placing that vendor and they would come in a variety of types such as food merchant, weapons merchant, armor, tools, mounts, pets, and so on… These types would be priced by rarity.
From here you can place the vendor into your beaconed space and this vendor cannot be killed, but can be moved like any block.

How the Vendor Works
All vendors will begin with a limited starting items. For this example I am going to pick on a “Bread Merchant”.
After placing your bread merchant, it will start by only selling tier one basic bread and will not sell anything higher until a number of tier two items have been sold by players to the shop.
After receiving enough tier two items, lets say 100 sold by players, the vendor will now sell tier two fruit bread. Then after being sold 100 tier three items, the vendor will sell tier three cakes, and so on and so forth.
Through this system of building up tiers, the players more or less control how good the vendor is by their levels and hard work. Also this will allow vendors to more or less level with the success of the area or guild they represent. So more dedicated players will have better vendors.

Mounts and Pets
These vendors will start with nothing, but will work more on an achievement system of gathering particular items. For example, for a plain horse the vendor will have to be sold 1000 carrots, but for an armored horse the vendor must be sold 2000 carrots and 3000 pumpkins. This can also help to promote farming.
For the pets, the vendor may need special items such as a “Gemmed Collar” found only on a particular titan, or some other specialty item that will “unlock” their wares.

Other Specialty Items
As players and their vendors level up in tiers, there will be a call for specialty items, weapons, armors, potions, and enchantments. Similar to the pet system I mentioned above, these vendors will require special items to unlock these rare treasures. And of course they will still be very expensive even after being unlocked.

Who can buy from a vendor?
Anyone, but there will be limitations placed on players by there rank in tiers. For example, a new player can not buy a tier ten weapon. For this, I propose that players can only buy items within their tier or just one tier above them, but that is all.
Also, there should be special discounts to those who are part of the beaconed zone, most likely a guild, to promote advancing their zones.

In Summary
Having a vendor system like this would be a great way to promote players banning together for a cause. Also, this will allow for different forms of play from those who like titan hunting and finding rare items to those players who are more relaxed and just want to farm carrots.
Then with vendors being able to “level-up,” this will ensure that higher level players can challenge themselves and have decent quality armor, weapons, food, and potion for those challenges.
With mounts and pets, this will be more or less a way for players to “show-off” the achievements they have accomplished.

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I am against this idea is it would limit the amount of player-player interaction.

A lot of people agree with me including the devs I think?

But a great number of people are asking for an economic system and what better way to do it then with shops and money flow.
And how does it limit player interaction, the soul purpose is to bring players together for a common goal?

Most people I have written with are talking about an actual economic system where the players are inlfuencing the prices of goods and gathering th materials which are sold.

Yes the players will have a common goal but from there instead of going to another player if they want to buy or sell something they are going to interact with the vendor which is a NPC.

Well actually it would be an Nice part and I think that should be a thing. Vendors, like NPC’s in general, are importand for an City to let it look more living. If you build an Guild Town then there are most of the time only a few- no People in this Town only when leaving the Game joining it, or when you have an Guild meeting or are planning an Operation.

To make sure people who Visit your Town should not find an abandoned City, but maybe NPC’s you can talk with, Vendors with who you can trade.

But I think Vendors shouldn’t work like that. I think Vendors should be general NPC’s and they sell what you give them for whatever price you choose. And if they have sold everything it cant be bought anymore. The Player-Player Interaction might be less but its way easier to get things done like that. Noone will want to stand the whole day in the Guildtown while everyone else is out fighting only because someone COULD come, and then noone was walking in there and you just wasted your time, wow.

Sure People can still stand there to sell things but they sure dont want to stand at the same place for hours.

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That was actually how I proposed the shop to be :slight_smile:

Though it would limit the player-player interaction it would not damage the player driven economy.

I played a gamed called DMO, and in that game you really had to be your own vendor. Yes you set your own prices, but then, as you stated, a player would have to stand in one spot for hours to sell stuff, then the screen would just get full of hundreds of idle players vending. I used to do my shop overnight, so I could just leave my computer on, because when I was awake I wanted to play the game, not stand around.
As part of “sell what you give them,” the reason I went away from that is because you would end up with vendors who sell nothing but grey junk or thousands of blocks of dirt and nothing else. I went with specialized vendors so you wouldn’t just have junk which is mostly all people would want to get rid of anyways.

But if you need to pay the vendor it would be a really stupid idea to give him blocks no one wants to buy? As he would just be a gold sink without income.

Also who want to get rid of dirt? It is a must for terraforming.

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I agree, but again with my experience of DMO, even with consignment shops that act like personal NPC vendors, some channels would get so filled up with these shops that you couldn’t see your own avatar. Having limited simple vendors would also keep the world uncluttered.

Again needing to pay ingame valuta for having the vendor is going to restrict the amount of them people are going to have.

I guess you missunderstand that. I mean general vendor because you dont need specialized if YOU give thjem the stuff to sell. And if an player gives an vendor thousands of Dirt or stone blocks then the vendor is willing to sell them. but its the players choise. They dont sell as stuff out of nowhere, espacilly not weapons!

In your System Weapons just appear and get spawned out of nowhere, there i no need for crafting anymore if you buy an weapon kill with it some mob and have enough money to buy 5 more of the weapons… If you can buy weapons they have to be playermade so that resources have been used. I dont like Items being spawned by vendors, that will lead to an influence.

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The reason I gave the dirt example is because you know that some griefer would go city to city filling up all vendors with dirt. People are just jerks like that.
Secondly, items can fall off of mobs, so why can’t them come from vendors? I did originally try to come up with some way to organize what people sell into specialized shops, but the mechanics became too complex. It would more or less have to be a mass inventory to which specific items were sent to be sold by specific vendors.

Also, I considered the make you own prices, but the downfall would be that some high level player would mass produce low level stuff and undercut everyone. That’s the con to making your own prices.

Vendors can only get filled by the ownes tho… What do you think?

Well no, if someone is massproducing low lvl pieces then it was his choise. They can also make it if there are no vendors. But resources have been used and there is no influence and that is important.

What I meant was that you have a personal NPC or you guild have one and he sells what you or your guild have given him and to the prices you want.

By the time their is nearly consensus for the mobs only dropping things that makes sense for the mobs to drop

There is an big diffrence from Vendors and Monsters. It’s like comparing Appels with Chocolate.

So basically what you are proposing is a single “guild” vendor (or group vendor), to which only things placed with the vendor are sold? Then what happens if an item is not sold? The person selling it to the vendor will get paid, the vendor will hold it to be sold, and then if it doesn’t…?
On the reverse side, with a group vendor if players didn’t get paid until the item sold, then you would basically have an auction house with players competing against each other to sell goods.

No the “owner” of the vendor will get money when the item is sold.

An action house with set prices where people would need to move to another town to get different prices but yes something like that.

To apples and chocolate, I do realize this. And I am the person to build my own sword and armor, but lets say rather than a vendor selling a sword, they only sell a special hilt or part of the sword that cannot be crafted. Then the vendor would become similar to the monster in that it “drops” (vends) this item made for your personal crafting.

Then if the auction house has set prices, then we are back to going against setting your own prices and back away from personal vendors.