Easy vs hard forge video

made this video showing side by side the same forge, with the machine on easy mode on the left, hard mode on the right :stuck_out_tongue:


When I saw that ‘Easy Mode’ in settings I was like “WHAAAAAAAAATTTT?!?!?!?” but wow, it makes a huge difference.

I’m never going back.


The randomness setting is set at random at the beginning of each forge :stuck_out_tongue:

Guessing that’s some sort of testing thing, rather than the devs finally wanting to release us from forging RNG hell on live?

Not been on for months now so not up to date with new stuff

I’m lost, same deck, same forge process…

What’s the difference between the two?

I don’t think there is any.

I think its just to show how horribly inconsistent the forging process is!


RNG :wink:


randomess at its purest opposites,

left forge got the far reaching boon, wich i wanted but hadnt put the gums for yet, on its first throw

right forge gave me the wrong boons pretty much at every first and second throw, + some horrible landing on the bar at one point

trick is to choose if you keep on rerolling with the boon removal 1 solvent or deconstructing

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That I can relate…

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Boon removal tho? Personally i just decon and try over…

And draining compounds as well? I hate messing with quirks I almost never touch those
There’s enough RNG even without quirks coming into play for me :rofl:

at the very least… what the heck is up with AOE on tools? why does maxing out AOE punish you?

thats just a jerk move honestly, you would think moving the random aoe down to being the first aoe boon you could get and then all the other ones shifting up would be the obvious choice but go figure

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I agree!

Draining compound is the forgers friend!

I rarely manage to get a quirk, had to do 4 good forges before getting a tough one, the fate paste gives a pretty good protection against it even when the bar is full

Is this on test or something?

No regular its forge in live universe

So am I missing something? Is this an actual option somewhere to make forging easier or is it just a demonstration of rng?

I like to call these “randomized content mechanic” as EA would call them when they went to the court hearing in the UK about loot boxes… granted these aren’t loot boxes, but id definitely argue that the forge is a surprise mechanic… :smiley:

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Fixed it for you

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Hard mode hurt to watch :pensive:

Is there a revised forging process? I’m still using a modified 2019 walkthrough.