Economy discussion: for what items are you unable to get requests filled?

There are a few items that seem to be in short supply in boundless - even at above market prices, it’s really hard to get requests filled.

Off the top of my head: bone, sap, metal ores, fossils, coal, of course oort.

To me, I would think that low supply high demand would drive prices upward. But even for items where I pay 20-50% above market, it seems like most sellers (request fillers) don’t notice. For example, market for iron ore is 4, I pay 5 (+25%). Market for bone is 2, I pay 3 (+50%). But still it is hard to fill those requests.

I noticed that @Turrican2006 had the same issue with fossils.

Are most request fillers loyalists? That is, do they go to the same basket no matter what? If so that’s kind of cool, but myself I check a few malls and coin converters before filling baskets typically - sometimes people I find on shop scanner are paying way more.

More curious than complaining.


I know when I’m selling, I look for quantity of purchase.

I don’t want to run around lots of places, for 1c extra on my sales.

So it always comes down to price/quantity/distance.

If the place is really close, quantity is irrelevant, as long as the price is there abouts.

If the place is far away from where I am, the price and the quantity have to be good.


Generally my baskets are buying 14,400 of whatever I’m buying. I agree, that entices me too.

So then it’s down to distance from the buyer (which you can’t control) and price.

So the request basket needs some way to give the quickest route to it from the sellers location.

Maybe try changing the bacon name to include the biggest hub that has a portal direct to the beacon?

I definitely like when shops include portals in their description. Also when mall shops have their mall shop number in the name.

Hmmm. There’s limited space in the text for a beacon, but the devs could add a subtitle spot for beacons to list portals… there are a few shops I always see having great deals but never go the 2000m. Somehow it’s always under 500m or its 2000.


I almost never deliver to request baskets. I might go fill a request that someone posts, for a good price, but i don’t go around trying to find places to sell regular stuff. I put it in shop stands.

Not to be rude to anyone, just sharing my philosophy; I don’t really need coin so if you need stuff that I have it’s here for you lol. I think plenty of other people are in similar positions by now.

Also, for several reasons I’ve been known to rant against request baskets anyways. Among other things they lead to this kind of back and forth where neither side really wants to do “the work”. And people who push up basket prices end up pushing up stand prices even while no transactions are occurring at all.

There’s a post here advertising 40k iron and it’s been sitting in that guy’s shop stands for 4 days or something now while there’s discussion on the forum about not being able to get iron, for instance. He’s selling at the exact price you’re offering…


“Above market” - What does that mean for you?

Just because a lot of shops sell stuff at a certain price doesn’t mean that it is a good price even if it’s average. There isn’t an obvious market price like in reality. In boundless no one goes bankrupt if he doesn’t sell anything. He just won’t sell anything.

No, I won’t sell my large fossils for 20,30 or 38 (the last one would be one of the highest ever seen) If I can easily get 50+ if I extract them and throw them in the minter. Paying 3 coins for bones in a time where everyone needs/wants them because of the new blocks? Well, that might won’t work. Increase the price and there will be a point where you’ll get all the bones you want. If you’re not willing to do that because it’s to expensive go out and gather them by yourself. If no one sells stuff to you, your prices might aren’t as good as you think.

The second part:

I usually don’t care whom I sell my stuff to. If there were some shops in the past that always paid good and buy in large quantities , that’ll be the ones I go to first. But with the new system it really doesn’t matter as long as quantity and price is good ( I won’t run 2km to sell 2x Topaz). And I’ll never - never - sell something to an obvious (capitalistic) scamming being. I won’t sell you my iron for 3 if you sell it for 9 and your place consists of decorative blink and dark matter.


He’s selling iron bars; I need ore to get xp

Whoa, you get 50 after extracting?

Just to be clear guys this is more wanting to see what others think about the request basket economy in general, less about my personal shop. I just gave a few examples to prompt discussion.

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54,4 in a fully powered minty, yup. Fuel doesn’t matter that much to me, get enough of that

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I think here he is referring to market price as the “average price on the market” yes. Not necessarily fair, enticing, enough etc, just what the market offers on average

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think it would be cool if we could all come together and decide on 1 planet to be the shopping planet and all just plant our plints and request baskets there …. make certain districts or something ( a huge scale project ) and it would be fun seeing all those people there as well doing their shopping :slight_smile: might not be possible but I can dream right :joy:


Fair enough. I sell all my metals in bars too since I smelt them for the XP.

When I was new I would sell my stuff at the best price I could find, period. When I was less desperate I stopped selling to shops that flip the stuff on the spot. Once I got a shop going and stopped spending all my coin on coils and stuff, I pretty much stopped hunting for request baskets.

I do need to get back on the mining though gathering orbs for two weeks has my stands pretty bare.

In general/principle, as opposed to the health of the current market, I’ve been against them for a long time.

I just went to link and and quote an older rant but, in all fairness, I skimmed it and a lot has changed since then, as I was writing it in May or so and since then we’ve gotten the minter, the shop scanner, and still a shrinking player base - which leads to less shenanigans over all.

I still feel like I see two separate economies, and some friction between them. To borrow another of your examples, I go through a ton of bones. I have baskets coined to buy 56k of them right now paying 2c. I didn’t know but apparently you’re offering 3c.

Still earlier this week I had to go shopping for them, and got several thousand for 2c, and actually nearly a thousand for 1.5 - 1.9c

So, I mean there are people that are competing on buy price, and people that are competing on sell price. In the meantime, it seems like there aren’t a lot of people willing to stay on top of comparing BOTH markets. That’s what I mean when I say there seem to be two separate economies. With the exception of Oort, I can go around every few days and find several stands selling most items I have baskets for at lower prices than I’m offering.

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Yeah, I find a lot more on shop stands as well. The scanner is a huge help for this. I love finding stands with 5000+ of something I want for less than I pay for it. I hate when I have to run 2000m to that shop only to find they have a ps portal haha

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This week I found one more than 3000m :exploding_head:

Adrenal glands! Can’t find many people selling, I try to buy them for 140c and still I don’t get enough of them. Only have like 100+ mega fast on stands and can make perhaps 200 more and that’s it…

Cute and all, but if you have busy shops and thus do not have the time to want to gather/hunt the mats yourself you also really do not want to waste hours upon hours to find shop stands that sell the items you need…

In my eyes the issue with bones especially is that they are worth more to keep than they are to sell. With the huge increase in glue use i can burn through smart stacks with ease.

Their low value means i get less than 2k a stack, and it would take an hour or more to gather more. For me this rules out selling them and i guess 90% of hunters wanting to sell them too. I dont mind getting rid of glands etc as i very rarely use them. Bones though, they are a core build material for intermediate onwards and i keep them wherever possible

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Bones and a lot of hunting materials are getting harder to find in quantity. Everybody was talking about “The Oort Shortage” but it’s reflected in all hunting materials too. The flood of new block recipes has definitely caused a clamp down on bones specifically.

Still, I found three shops selling sub-SS quantities for less than 2c last weekend.