Economy discussion: for what items are you unable to get requests filled?

Because they’re in two different screens, even worse when setting prices on stands/baskets since you have to close the stand/basket interface, go to knowledge, search for item, open item, open market tab just to see the other side of the prices.

I’ve used request baskets to buy most of my stuff, but if I’m low on X and nothing in baskets I’ll go buy it from shop stands.

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I hope that in the future someone will update or create a page like with the data from the game store scanner, with all that database and improve it to see the prices of a product in purchase and for sale on all planets. Without something like that I think that the merchant profession is not profitable for the amount of time it takes to study the two markets for these small margins, I also believe that it can influence taxes to reduce margins even more of benefits.

I buy all you mentioned (except for sap for now) and no good quantities are being sold in the baskets. If this continues, i am sure many players would not risk losing their coins in price wars and might pull them from baskets and keep them only for direct trades or purchases off shop stands.

In my eyes it isn’t really a problem of not buying mats from multiple player.
But to much request then there are hunters, miners, gatherers and so on, that sell their materials.

People that go out of their way to get coin only seem to collect what provides the most or is the easiest to collect.

Most people that now go out of their way to do other activities instead of just crafting or building. Do need the materials because no funds, no shops sell, their shop can’t buy, the materials that they need.

This +1. I like to build/gather/mine during my play time. If I really need money I go drop gems off at the golden fist because it only takes me 2 minutes or mint a few stacks of essence. I’ve just started tossing other stuff in shop stands.

Check the Iconic guild store at plaza. We sell monster drops there. Cheap. Ill be pick up more hunt for a brief time to support upcoming events.

Still have Problems with buying Fossil in my request basket s

But now since 3 or 4 days i get every day a small amount of every Kind of Fossils seems Somebody found my Location and did Not knew IT before and sells now constantly

Hope ITS getting even Better.

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To be fair, shops don’t necessarily make a profit all the time by trying to “flip” items super close to their buying price. It could be that the keeper neither wants to really buy or really sell iron bars, but definitely doesn’t want to tear down the basket or the shop stand for either. Just sayin, I don’t really consider someone’s margin a scam, I don’t think others should, either.

Now… selling green stone chisels with a sign for “emerald chisels”? That’s a scam. :sweat_smile:


Adrenal Glands. They are insanely hard to get in mass quantities and they are getting way more expensive.

I’m always buying them at The Witches Brew on Trior and Eresho. Also at my base in Kindred Bay.

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  1. Oort.
  2. Oort.
  3. Oort.

Back when I used to have a shop called The Coin Forge, I bought and sold ores/bars and other low end mats at the exact same price - iron bar 5c, iron ore 5c whether you were buying or selling and I made 10k/week in footfall… not a dime from the actual product.

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I’d say the problem with 1c 2c 3c items is most people who want to make coin view these as “Not worth my time.” 14,000 bones would take you months to get, and at 2c you’d make a whopping 28,000c… you could spend 2 hours meteor hunting and sell 150 Oort for 30,000c… so if people are selling bones it’s because they just happen to be overflowing with it and not because they woke up and said, “Think I’ll go farm some bones to sell.”

My baskets fill pretty good. Even my sweet bean basket is getting some love. People go to places they know are always buying. Also, if there’s something I really need I just ask my guild mates.

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Before shop scanners I only ever checked 2 or 3 store baskets that I knew regularly stocked coin. I recall one night spending 3 hours looking for request baskets and turning up nothing… well, maybe a few buying copper for 1c but that offer was insulting and would cause me to never return. Shop scanner is awesome!

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^Pretty much.

I cashed out a year ago with 7 figures in coins before the market crashed. I recently resubbed and thought of coming back to trading and have looked at a few items that might be worthwhile. I also looked at flipping. But in terms of coins per hour, I can’t think of anything that yield a better value than oortsones. A 1 hour hunt could yield 100 stones. If you sell to a basket, you’d net 20,000 coins. If you sell on your own stand, you could net 30k coins. For a 1-2 hours of work!

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I don’t like selling cheap items to request baskets.

If you want bone at 5c (as an example) then I may not sell because the price is so low. Rather just throw then in the shelf and save them.

Personally I don’t need coin, so if I go to get it I want it to be worth while.

Using Bone…I would have to sell 2-3 SS must to cover a exo trip…seems like a waste. Rather save them for glue.

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Request baskets do allow people to make lowball offers on low priority stuff and that confuses the market too.

My baskets are for bones, most glands, some trophies, oort, and usually one or more types of orb but TBH except bones they’re never at “top of the market prices”. I try to make sure they’re not insultingly low, though. And even with the shop scanner I get the occasional sale.
So I know I’m not doing TOO bad.

Bones stack up quick if you go on group hunts. 1800 bones is normal for a two hour hunt and even 90 minutes you might make 1500 or more at high level. For a regular hunter (4 days +) this can mean 6k to over 10k bones per week.

One thing I learned is that any time something seems “too cheap” based on what it takes you to acquire it, but it still has a thriving market, there’s probably somebody who’s found an easier way to get it.

True but if you were bringing back so much bone, you’d clearly be getting tons of other loot. Bones drop in relatively large quantity because they’re crucial to so many items. They drop as much as tallow and hide which most players still consider trash.

When it was mostly just storage and gear the glue was pretty well balanced. With the block update it’s become somewhat hard to get the bones as more and more players feel the same way about saving them for glue. I’m not sure if that will settle down but we could sure use a bump up on the drop rate for now. Maybe replacing some of that tallow.

With this update I started selling glue and normal bonding agent for the first time.I thought I had left room in my pricing to drop prices a little once the initial rush had settled down. But bones have gotten so scarce that in the current situation those prices are basically spot on. I can and do gather a fair part of what I stock, but bulking up to meet demand on those products has required a lot more ingredients than I could ever produce on my own.

If everyone thinks the price for a particular good (ex. bones) is too low on the market, just price them higher in your shop stands.

I see a lot of veterans saying “I don’t need coin” because maybe you have millions. But if you have millions then you can control the market for a particular commodity. ~Especially if there are really only 150 active players in this game.

Price your bones at 8c each, and buyout everyone selling for 2c. Buy out all fossils selling for less than the essence mint rate. Reprice fossils at 50+ or whatever it is to make a reasonable profit.

Reset the market. - That’s something you billionaires have responsibility for. Us early/mid gamers don’t have that luxury. I have barely over 100k and i can spend that pretty quickly. And we cannot keep up with the volume you lot deal in.

Does that take work? yea… Check every planet or shopping mall every day for anything that’s under your price. Or pay someone else to do it for you. But then you’re stabilizing the economy for that commodity and making a profit flipping 2c bones to 8c. If you just shelve your bones, or mint your essences you’re contributing to deflation.

Better yet… tell me where i can haz public access to a fully powered minter, and I"ll buy all the underpriced fossils in the world for minting myself…

To the OP:
I look at request baskets nearby my base that are regularly buying in bulk. I look at the easiest items to farm. For me that’s beans and leaves. I like to explore the overworld and absolutely hate mining rock. And I am pretty loyal to the same request baskets because they are dependable and a decent sell price.

However, I’m more than willing to take up a contract. If you want to let me know what you need I can go grind it for you.

Bones are required for like every recipe in the game now :joy:

Regarding bones, the 2c price is fine. But unless you need bones, you aren’t going to say, “I need cash… better go farm some bones!”

Bones are just an abundant bonus reward you get while doing something else.

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Sometimes I wonder if there are any lol.

PLZ NO :crying_cat_face:

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