Economy waves


I think it is a combination of a lot of things. Sellers wanting to make a huge profit refusing to share those profits to the ones who buy items in their stores. For example, glue. I go and chop trees for firewood as I have a hard time finding coal. I get sap and at the same time I will do some hunting while out and about. Getting bones. Sap, bone = glue. I put out the labor of collecting, use of my machines to cook the glue and a seller wants to give me 2c for the glue and sell it for 20 coin. He/she has no expense but wants to make a huge profit. Give me 8c so I feel it was worth it and you can charge 20 and make 12c profit.
That’s just a example of what I see on many items.

Frustration of finding shops to buy items at reasonable prices. I spend more time running all over to find decent priced shops than I do cutting down trees for sap and killing goats and spitters for meat and bones. I’d just as soon do without and my son will eventually make some of the items. He can now make gold fists.


Janna check out my shop. Recoils shop. Ps bittula 3rd floor by Sparta. I’ve made my business model for people like you. I take minimal profits and post on all my items why my profit truly is after taxes. I’d be more than happy to be a buyer of your goods. This game needs to reward people with niches like you with your gathering. Hopefully I can be a buyer for you and a seller for your son.


recoils shop is one of the best i know too and allways sell to when i got goods also i check it out often.


Out of curiosity, are you a shop owner? Because reading your post makes it seem like you’re speaking as a consumer. Not as a shop owner.

Anyways. You’re basically asking for the impossible. Price is not the sole determining factor for a shop’s success. Though it is an important factor. So asking everyone to price at the same rate is discounting other elements of what contributes to a successful shop-customer relationship or successful business model


I’m struggling to make any sense of this post. If what you’re suggesting is that shop owners “work as a team” to control prices then as people have said, you’re advocating price fixing/cartel behaviour. This isn’t how a free market is supposed to work - hence being illegal in real life!

Surely the best way forward is for the devs to make changes to the game mechanics to stimulate the economy and the supply/demand balance in-game. As I think people have said on another thread, the main problem is alts. Why spend coin buying when you can so easily create an alt to get the materials for free?


I am a customer yes. I look on you whit the eyes of a person that wanrs to sell to you but is not attracted enough to do so.
And i dont this shop-customer relation you talk about. I see your not making an satisfying ammount of coin so the gamemechanics are bad. As they where whit bad droprates, not enough gems, bad respawntimer, bla bla. Devs change it now its bad again.
Simply put most dont think more then 1step ahead. So i will say this and dont get me wrong, the problem is the people unable to solve economic problems, its easyer to change the game to get your coin up. So wrong the game is good atm. I gather for coin i finaly have the chances next to another 100peps to find what i desire.
I spend yesterday 2h run to shops to sell 100 rubies 98 diamibds. Guess what came home whit 50rubies 68diamobds. Bad prices the problem? No. 3billion shops on what felt like 12billion citys.
You guys need one place to sell your stuff and compete in a real way. Again coop on this dont blame the game.


Dear roberto the early acces players i say this now decided the prices for all future players before the real game start due to a headstart.
A free market never had a chance to rise it was all set allready everything had a price from day one. A price set by those who tested the game and felt its the right thing. Why is that ok?
And everyone is fine whit it.
I am not. I sugested to do the same again and i am the one that is the stupid here.
Here is the solution: none.
The lack of coop of shop owners causes the whole problem. Dont blame the game its the only thing working as it is intended to considering economy.
No matter what solution will come up in this it will be put down cos of "dont make enough coin here lose coin there.

Devs changed enough i say its time for the people to change.


So I’m confused by your posts. You claim that all prices are set in stone already by the people who played in the headstart, which is a terrible thing as apparently prices shouldn’t be set and fixed, but you want to the shop owners to all come to an agreement as to what the prices will be, setting them in stone and keeping them fixed because they’re too flexible right now?

So are the prices fixed or flexible? because I’m fairly sure these are two mutually exclusive options…


I’m already building my wall. Many riches within.


What he means is that the big gap between the prices now and at the start of the game is proof of alot of beta players brought their betaprices into a game which they wereent compatible with.

Me and a ton of other players took those prices at face value, trusted them and adjusted our prices according to them.

This resulted in glue at 40-60c for example.

I now sell glue at 10. Which is absolute max prize…

These inflated prizes really benefitted the early birds and worked as an additional wall for new especially ps4 players.

When a player then finaly breaks through all the walls and reaches that upper tier (im finaly there) they realise alot of this and ofc feel cheated.

I would have wished that the early birds did stuff to make things easier for new players and not just profit of them.

I do belive this game would have had a bigger playerbase if alot more of the vets werent so profithungry and short sighted.

There are radiant examples of the opposite.

I have a huge amount of respect for Hash and alot of other guys who really thinks about this game and its community with the long future in mind.


People sell things for more than they’re worth, that’s not somehow unique to the people who played head start nor is it any different now. Prices are set by what people are willing to pay, supply and demand, personal ability and access to equipment. Who are we to say that at that time glue wasn’t worth 40c? It certainly isn’t worth less than the 15c sap it’s made from so why is your price point any better?

For you to sell that glue at 10c, you’re paying a pittance to the person gathering sap. So now when he levels up and realises you’re undervaluing his time, maybe he’ll wish you had made the game easier for him instead of profiting of his hard work.

Prices change over time, stating price differences in a game that’s constantly evolving doesn’t really prove anything imo. An economy is designed for people to make a profit, otherwise what’s the point of spending time in it?


Thats only if you have request baskets, im farming all my stuff in my shop myself. As. High end player i can make glue like s factory. He cant compete with that, so im selling materials at a price he can afford.

New players need good requestbaskets yes, but im atleast providing good shop stands for them.

And its not like many had good request baskets i mean yes they sold glue for 42c but they only paid 1-5c per sap soo the economy is alot more starter friendly now.


I will never ever profit off someones elses hard work. I come from Norway and im a socialist so that doesnt sit right with me at all.

My aim is to sell everything the noobies need at really low prices, the only thing im buying are shimmering orbs and forge ingredients.

Im selling iron tools at 50c and titanium tools at 1000c forged tools and weapons 5-14k so im as far from noob exploiting as one can get. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well if you ever run low on forge ingredients, I’m slowly adding a range of them to my shop :wink:

Personally I just have no time or inclination to farm materials, so I’ll happily pay people for their time and use a set mark up to cover my own time spent converting raw materials into processed items.


Agree for now to stabilize then go from there. No price dictatirship. Cooperation. Prices can then be adjusted inside a big team which is the shop owners. I am a customer an wish to see the shops be good places to go to sell and ofc have the owners have their profits. The start was a little bad and i have put some emotions in my words but looking forward is the only good choice. I admit that i could maybe also work whit an shop to sell my goods even lower then baskets, on handtrade to avoit the tax. As long as i dont sit on it its a good thing cos the coin has found the its way to my poket. And the profit for the shop is a little bigger to leave a small gap for pricefluktuations.

We need a central huge market on one planet in one city, small shops can still be in small citys. Better for a healthy competition.


Keeping them as pets huh? :smiley:

Which reminds me of something funny that happened earlier on Circapous, was out hunting with a few others, we said goodbye at the end, but we were ‘shouting’ to each other when suddenly somone apparently close by said “shhhhht, my roadrunner is finally falling asleep!” I actually laughed out loud at that!


By definition a group of stores setting prices for everyone is not competition and just further encourages people to make their own items versus paying more than they might have to in a free market.

Cartel definition: an association of manufacturers or suppliers with the purpose of maintaining prices at a high level and restricting competition.

Not illegal in the game. . go ahead and do it. But I think the result is another group gets together and undercuts your prices and/or groups of players continue to ignore stores and just trade among themselves.


And I believe this is the crux of the issue. It’s interesting to see how real life experiences impacts what we do in a video game. Interesting meta…


@Tomir thanks for starting this article, I used it today as the basis for my Game Design lecture!


I think he wants price fixing. But he wants it in favor of the buyer. Not the seller. But the reality is that he’ll end up getting a cartel. It would certainly be a fun experiment if a cartel could be established. Not sure if it’s feasable though