EDIT: Problem solved: Unplayable on certain worlds now

Can someone please help here. Preferably a developer that can tell me what is going on. For about a week now maybe less there are quite a few planets that are completely unplayable for me. What I mean is the connection pings extremely high and STAYS that way. Yes I ran my connection and nothing is changed on my end. They are particular planets like Bes, Circa , Arie and so on. I ping on my servers at 14ms consistently on my internet and all other games under 50ms. It seems like since testing was released for private worlds this has been happening or shortly after. Is there any correlation here? Can you look into it. I need to verify it is indeed not on my end and if so what I can do to fix it.

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Many people are having lag issues across some planets. I doubt very much it’s you. I connect just fine myself but there are some planets that are so laggy I just dont go. Hopefully they will be patching. @james u know about this lag issue right?

I havent got any lag.

It seems it is only for EU planets?

Im from Finland … any Eu players having these problems?

Servers are fine, even managed to login remotely to my PS4 and then refuel my portals like that.

Problem is the route to the EU planets. Most people having issues are on west coast using comcast seems to me the issue is with the route comcast takes…


Seems US players with Comcast internet.

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something is going on. I got 150-200ms on Antar, Eresho and Trung where I normally have 55ms (didn’t try other ones) it just happened now, and I remember it happening 1-2 weeks ago as well.

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Circ is a constant 100-140 for me but I have 0 lag. Same with a lot of planets for me actually. Only ones I really seem to get lag on is houchus, McRib, and Norkyna. My chunk download rate is maxed tho so if I lowered that my ping would probably be better and I might also not get lag on those planets :sweat_smile:. I’m USE and on Metro Net fiber(tho I’m wireless and not wired. Too much hassle to be wired with where my modem is)