Elop Portas

Cool man. I’m digging your tree house by the way!


Is there somewhere I can drop the stuff off at? I have a more Sedimentary Rock than I know what to do with it from my digging in Andoweem. Like maybe slightly more than a smart stack, I think.

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talk to Jeff about finding a place to store stuff. you could always friend him, leave a beacon there with some crafting tables and fill them with extra stuff. add Jeff to it and you can add him to the beacon.

otherwise i can do it in a bit, currently watching One Punch Man, too good to just stop

No hurry for me. I need to do more mining in Solum for some goodies… running out of coal :slight_smile:

i’ve found Therka and Andoweem have plenty of hard coal, and Berlyn has REALLY good medium coal. moon have good soft coal

i can trade you some hard coal for stuff

Its OK. I have a bead on a location with more soft coal than I can shake 1 stack of hammers at. So thats where I am going. If I am lucky I may walk away with some iron and gold too… and also bunch of tech frags :slight_smile: . That place to me is like a gold mine of minerals for a starter planet.

i used 2 stacks of iron hammers on Berlyn and walked away with 1200 medium coal. i cave mind Therka and got 200 hard coal in about 2 hours (Silber has got more before)

so do what you want, it’s cool

i need to start exploring Andoweem more then after I feel done with my build. Taking a break from building atm to do some cave mining for minerals that’s all. I can’t mine medium or hard coal yet becoz my last and only gold hammer got destroyed by a few deaths in Nasharil after the super lag monster got me. So I will be slowly building up my reserves again. But, like I said I need something to do while taking a break from building.

Always a problem with me when I make big builds. I go at it hard to try and complete the image in my mind, then feel burn out after.

you could ask cookviper what he’d like in exchange for a gem hammer

i’ve been burning out recently as well. i haven’t played in awhile, it just hasn’t been fun

But aren’t you still building at Elop Portas?

taking a break, trying to get back into it, but i burnt myself out dealing with water physics.

i only helped do the aqueduct cuz i said i would, i’m not one to go down on my word.

but i just need time to cool off. i’m happy to help people, but playing it just isn’t interesting right now. i’ll probably switch games for awhile

Ok. Hope you feel well rested soon and come back. I know you have been at this much longer than I have been.


@Jeffrotheswell @Xanotos will be a good idea to set some donation plinths, in front of the portal, by the intersection.
I have way more sedimentary stones and leaves than I need.

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good point. i’ll tell jeff personally too. once they’re set up, he’ll probably say it on this one

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This game desperately needs some kind of /whisper or /tell, and some kind of offline communications.

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I am hesitant to publicly ask for donations but will set a few up.

People seem to be happy enough to help, might as well accept their assistance

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Indeed all are welcom. And it is much appreciated.

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