Elop Portas

                Water connection

When your build is ready for water let me know and I will hook you up.
We prefer to hook you up at the pillars but if your build requires hookups elsewhere we will most likely be happy to accommodate. Multiple connections are also fine.
If you like you can make a stack of sand, gravel, etc where you want your connection with a place to catch the water or just pm me the exact coordinates and we will get you set up.
I can’t wait to see what everybody builds!
As always stay boundless :boundless:


Nice build guys! But how did you bring water there? Warps, portals?


All I can say is the devs dropped a few into the game awile back. I don’t know who all got them but I wanted to give back to the coolest gaming comunity I have ever been a part of.


In preparation for a new build on our freakin flying island, I took a my first, loooong overdue trip to PixelGate to do some shopping. There was so much to see there. After that, you can see a bit of how the city on Elopor is developing and the new Laputa build :slight_smile:


Love your videos, @Scratchnwiff - I hope you keep 'em coming.

I haven’t bumped into you in-game yet. I guess we’re on opposite time-zones. Either way I really like the Midgar idea. If you ever get your slums off the ground I’ll pop by and build 7th Heaven.

Oh, and that’s Link… not Zelda.


O____o I made the ultimate blunder! Almost as bad as asking a Trekkie how those laser swords work :unamused: I have to admit I haven’t played any Zelda… But breath of the wilds almost has me going out to buy a damn switch.

Thanks again for the support man! Btw what’s your time zone? 7th heaven is a must!!


I’m just gonna have fun at the slums, and shower myself at those waterfalls you’re taking about.


With a secret underground hideout for us to plot our attacks on Shinra!

I’m in the UK, and mostly on Therka - though I do visit Solum, Elopor and Alturnik regularly.


@Dzchan94, dude. First the jacuzzi, then the toilets and now u want to shower under the waterfalls of the slums hehe

@Pseudonym84, I hope the servers become more stable soon (although they’re doing an amazing thing allowing us to Port instantaneously). It’d be cool to meet u in game! But since u mentioned shinra… now I think im gonna make Aerith’s church and a meteor break thru the roof resting inside…and someone should make the golden saucer. For reals.


lol, you crack me up Scratch - “hey kid, you want some gleam?”


Alright. I made a small build in your town and left some stone in there for either of you to pick up. @Jeffrotheswell, or @Scratchnwiff. I let you guys find the building on your own, should be easy to spot with all that gleam.

My only request is you not remove any block/s.


Pfff. Aqueduct are so passé.

Lavaducts! Now we’re talking.

Who’s game?


I’m in!! free eco-friendly heating system for those icy biomes and snowy days :sunglasses:


OMG yes! We could for sure have a lava district!


Thanks @knightsb it looks like a cool build. Can’t wait to go hunting for it.


kinda red district you might say…


imagines how a lava source cube is going to interact with a player holding it


I could totally see lava poring out of @Scratchnwiffs build. Unfortunately we have no lava buckets.

A nods as good as a wink to a blind bat.


Or the glorious accidents that would happen during construction.
“Well looks like Bob has melted …agean.”


It would have to be a hardened titanium bucket reinforced with diamond.

And gleamed on the outside, just for good looks :joy: