Emoji List ( Google Sheet ) & How to use them

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After a long search, I was still unhappy that I find not a single nice list for all Ingame Emoji.

The solution for me was, make my own Google Sheet for it.

Here we go

Ingame Emoji List - Google sheet

I created some categories to sort the 1360 possible emoji

you can set any filter you want here, multiple filters are possible

Boundless Boundless Items, Creature, ...
Emoji standard Emoji
Emoji 2 more standard emoji from messenger
Arrow different arrows
Sign different signs
Special useful emojis
Letter all Letters
Numbers all Numbers
Planetary world, sun, moon, buildings, weather
Plants flowers & plants
Animals all animal emojis
Human humans, clothes and some more emojis which has to do with humans
Food & Drinks all food & drink emojis
Events emojis for events like christmas, new year and halloween
Sports sports like football, car racing, ...
Time clocks
japanese / chinese letter letter from other language
Various everything that didn't fit in above

and now

How to use the emoji ?

use any of the names followed and endet with a colon (only gleam club member can use them)

as example here from the list the ID 720, all 3 will give you the same as result


result would be this

let me know how you find it :wink:

if you mean I should change a categories of any emoji or add more categories, let it know me too


GJ ! thank u so much !


Oh this is fantastic
Great work!

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Here are two others that are not in Google Sheets and will not track you or make a profit off of you for using them:


Side Rant:
I understand Google stuff is “free” and it makes it very tempting to use, but I am still sometimes annoyed by this community’s dependence on a product that only exists to harvest data from its users. Probably one of my main goal’s of Boundlexx is to get us to stop using Google Sheets for stuff.


I’m with you 100%.

Use StartPage *, and if you have to office, use Microsoft … they know all your ■■■■ anyway. :wink:

Came to ask something that I maybe didn’t understand from responses to a question that I’d asked …

I know that only Gleam Club can use these in chat, but can a normal user use them for signs?

StartPage pays for Google results, with the added bonus that if you use search operators (like “site:”, “intitle:” and “inurl”) a lot, then it doesn’t ask you if you’re a robot every 10 seconds. :thumbsupall:

??? track you ???
??? make a profit off of you for using them ???

I like your api its a real great work

but what would you say with this angry replay ?
the most information from boundless are in any google sheet like the color sheet here, big thx for the creator.

or did you have fear that google track you ? if yes you can not use google search, twitter, youtube, facebook, any messanger ,… endless more
and who makes any profit with this ?

first link i never see and i prefer a list i can simple scroll down, i personaly prefer a list with no page or anything like it.
and the second from you is better but i found it not here in the forum and no one I ask know this too.

but both has no filter that fit for me

boundlessinfo is using google api, did it than track you too ? i dont know :wink:

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I don’t believe that Angellus’ response had any anger directed at you. If there was any it was purely at the privacy ■■■■ storm that is google.

However I see Angellus typing … so I’ll get mi’ coat. :wink:

No. Color text and Emojis are 100% Gleam Club only. For signs, chat, everything. For signs, the owner of the Beacon must have Gleam Club.

Yes. Google is not your friend. They are the largest marketing company in the world. They only exist to make money off of you. I know that sounds kind of conspiracy theorist, but it is 100% true. Google products are not “free”, you are the product.

So contribute to the existing projects and help us make them better! I already have basic search functionality for the Emojis in Boundlexx and whether that are “standard” Emojis or Boundlexx specific.

EDIT: Also, yeah, sorry if this sounds a bit targeted, maybe I am still a bit grumpy from staying up so long for the GTG Hunt :sweat_smile: I am trying to get us to stop using a bunch of random different Google Sheets that you have to search the forums for hours to find and use more open tools that anyone can contribute too and are easier to find.


■■■■■■■ hell.

Better get every sign I ever wanted with any colour / smiley done now. :smirk:

how should i help something i never see before ?

thats true yes, but it is free for use :wink:
and not every one can make his own side or has time for it.

but google is not the only side which make profit, amazon and facebook is 100% the same, they make profit with you, why did you think fb buy whatsapp ? Did you use whatsapp ?

but it stop here now in this topic over writing something like this, all other too pls, thx

only replay if it do something to the topic thx

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It doesnt matter where the document was created. All of us should be happy that he spent his time to do this list and that he shared it for free with us. Thats what we should be happy about and talking about, and not some conspiracy things. Geez…


Thank you so much for this, very useful!! :grinning:


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