Endless portal fall ^^ (Updated with Portal costs and conduit requirements info)

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This was left over from my latest vid:

-607N -416E Solum
There is a portal in Pixle Gate leading here @ -1721N -226E

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! the leaves will prevent fall damage but only if you land on them =P

There is enough fuel for a little over 1 day if you want to play around

btw this is the largest portal possible currently @ 10x10

Here are some beautified version of my notes compliments of @Dzchan94

Cost by size

Minimum conduits needed by # of jumps

These charts are also pinned to the “questions” channel of the Boundless Discord ^^


Love having you back making videos @Jiivita.

Also, @Jiivita’s portal should be a nice place to get those ‘travel through X amount of portals’ feats, and some easy experience for those of you who haven’t already.


How fast does a portal that size eat shards?

10 shards per hour O.o… 500 to open =O

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updated the OP with some portal info concerning costs and conduit requirements ^^


Oww. OWW.

That’s too prohibitive ><. 10x as much as a 1-hop portal? Hmmn. My spaced hyper-hub may not be such a good idea after all. Ahh well, back to the drawing board.

Edit: Seems like using the ring for the spaced hub is a bad idea. Still will need 128 + 120 + 120 blocks distance I suppose, so 46 plots? Doable.

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not exactly sure what you are talking about there but it sound interesting ^^

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Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out?

Portal physics please


lol that about sums it up… there seems to be a bit of a cap / each time you enter a portal that you lose a bit of momentum… that slight hesitation you can get going thorough portals… i have a video render atm on @Arkefyre 's “Ark Jump” and grapple park… might be cool to see how well portals play in the mix ^^


Love being back <3 gives me something positive to focus my energies on =D


I just finished claiming (sans a single plot that I claimed around and am attempting to negotiate with the owner to trade) a full ring (4,608 x 8 blocks, or 576 plots) around Epsilo. I had also noticed that the “welcome to x” messages only play within an 8 plot radius of portals (and the same goes for the loading, at least horizontally… unsure about vertically). Because of this, sets of 3-4 portals with at least 16 plots in between sets should theoretically cause no major lag for anyone. I was thinking of doing sets of three portals spaced like this, one for each “zone” (one ring world, homeworld and moon) for a total of four sets.

Unfortunately Epsilo is… prohibitively expensive to portal to, say, Andoweem from (or vice versa) so it’s more likely that I’ll be doing a vertical setup with leaves and falls on Vulpto, where the greatest portal-fuel cost will be 4/hour for a total of 504/day for all portals. I will of course link my ring on Epsilo up to this when I eventually make it.


Is that 50 oort shards to open and 1 per hour? Is the first hour part of the open cost?

The first hour should be included… otherwise it would instantly close if you opened it with only 50 Oort :thinking:

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