Entire City Planet

If you played at Hunting brunch you could spot some planets have maze-like surface. I think first it’s complex rules of biomes’ generation, but devs actually used bitmaps for this. If you imagine about entire city planet as Coruscant, you could help to draw height map for this world. It need to be square 4608×4608 px (or actually n×1536 × n×1536 px) grayscale .png map.

I want to draw such map but have no enought time. So you could try to make your own one.

Here are few pictures for inspiring:

And moar =)






Omg yes please!





This. I will spend the next ten years doing exactly this. I shall call it the Kal-El Star in your honor.

Fixed image edit!

Second edit, I’ve already contacted my minions and told them to quit their jobs so they can help me.


Best bet would be group hiring a planet, making it small (if that’s possible), then going crazy. If it can be done within the rules perhaps it could even be visible from server planets.

Based on theory, no facts :stuck_out_tongue:

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My current build is fairly visible if you look at andooweem from another planet, so it could definitely be done.

You can see the circle of the never to be finished mothership and the village next to my cursor.

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Minions. . more minions. . dig and build minions. . dig and build. . :space_invader:


This is possible if you play or buy enough plots to basically build up the entire surface of a planet to be some massive city planet. It would take a lot of work and effort if you were to actually do this in Boundless.

Just the amount of portals you’d need to get around the planet would be… crazy to fuel. Not to mention that no creatures would spawn in any beaconed block so there’s a potential problem with meteor events on that world.

Possibly someone who rents their own world might want to recruit and build a guild around the idea of turning their planet into a city planet. That would be something pretty awesome!!!

Maybe, if we ask really really nice. . the developers would let us bend the rules on one planet. Make it a rented planet, tier one, but let us have it all plotted (that is the rule breaker). Only let us do that on this one planet. . no special resources (maybe blue gleam), pick a biome that makes the work easier and have the entire planet be that biome. . maybe dessert so no trees or ice.

I rather do it the hard way.

But that’s me. We can still have pretty built out planets without having all of it plotted. Just would mean that most of the planet would be claimed and giant sprawling cities would cover the planet everywhere with travel centers connecting each city together.

Kind of like the City of Doors from Dungeons and Dragons but only on a single world.


Once rented worlds are introduced, It’ll only be a matter of time before someone creates this…

who wants to rent a world with me :laughing:


I don’t want a death star.

I want Cybertron.

I can live with cybertron


Though if you do your builds up about 30 or so off the ground and don’t own any of the ground level planet itself, you effectively make a planet that doesn’t have the meteors, but still allows normal mobs to spawn and the resources to respawn. So lower level gatherers would still be able to use it.

Another thought, and probably another reason that it should be really hard to plot an entire planet is that I’ve had meteors land right next to my sky build, so if a circular opening is left large enough, you may even be able to control meteor spawns if you get it just right, and depending on the way the meteors measure distance from owned plots, it may go strait through the build into the ground.underneath if its high enough off of it.


Hunting brunch…?

Yeah, I already did the math on this a while ago and it broke my heart… If you build anything higher than pavement, now you have to double what was already a massive number of plots.

At some point, if I reach the Promised Land and I find myself drowning in plots, I’d be glad to throw 1000 at this. But I’m not signing any deeds or zoning permits until I’m sure I can get away with it.