Epic and unreally hard titan fights

Just an idea. I think battle with titans should be:

  1. Hard
    If the titan kill will happen once in 3-6 months, it will be very good, the guilds will develop their strategy and team cooperation for a very long time to have not so big chance to become legends (It’s such a big news that someone finally killed the titan, the slayers’ guild will surely become famous soon after finishing the battle). Only the cleverest players can slay titans. Titan fights must require very good strategy and team cooperation and depend on fighters’ intellect rather than on their wealth.

  2. Dynamic
    Titan fight must not be boring. It should be very unpredictable and require skills in different areas of combat system. You must act as appropriate and think fast. Only if you’ll have a successful strategy AND will actively cooperate with other members of your guild AND you and your guild members will be a very skilled players AND clever humans in real life, you can defeat the Titan. Also the Titan fights must be entertaining, the graphics must be on higher level, than in the rest of the game.

So, this is my idea. I will be very, very excited if at least one of the Titans will have the fight as I described. Sorry for my bad english, my emotions interfere with my mind.


Hard: yes, of cause … months?: äääh nope … at least not all the time working on the titan kill … Of cause the character and equipment should be well and good crafted, so it should need weeks and month to be able to participate in such attempt (which also should need a good team of players (quallity over quantity - no need for strupid WoW-Raids here ^^)), but if it takes longer then some days it will be demotivating … may be there will be some “mega titans” later after release, especially made for longer crusades on them, but the core of them (especially those they focus at before release on) should be more of the "acceptable size/work effort. And yes.

Of cause the first kill will take some time cuz people need to find out how it works, but that should not be the time it takes for the next team to acomplish it ^^

Maybe, but I could see it being quite fun if you can defeat segments/portions of a titan in a given play session (say a few hours). If enough groups got together, they could quickly take down a titan (a group per “wing” of the titan). Or, if it’s a smaller group, they make steady progress over the course of some longer period of time.

If there are clear micro goals and stopping points (with rewards) when battling a titan, I’d be all for epic multi-day titan battles!

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I meant kill should be a very rare event(1 titan kill in 3-6 months), not very long. I think it should last around 1 hour. You misunderstood me

P. S. If the battle lasts months, it’s not dynamic, but I said it should be like this

P. P. S. Titans will regenerate 100% hp after someone’s fail try to kill them, so it will be like a bossfight, when you’ll come to try again (or someone will wait until you go away and attack), the titan fight will start from the beginning. Noone can interfere when battle has started, so you can neither gather too many people - only your guild can fight, nor steal the titan kill.

I would like these epic titans roaming around from the beginning, a bit like in spore where you can see the evolved species when you start. I think the actual duration of the fights shouldn’t be more than a few hours at most. I would like titan’s to be destructive, so there is an incentive to defend the land around you, possibly corrupting your world if you don’t attempt to kill it. I mostly agree with @TheBirne here. @nevir’s idea to clear micro goals is interesting.

I disagree with spawning 1 titan for 3-6 months. I think they should be more plentiful, there should be 1 titan per area. So the bigger the area the more titans and new worlds have titans. There should also be tiered titans, from mid-game to late-game.


I think one per world seems good as well. Thinking of that there will be about 30 to 50 in total only in the core game (without rented servers which also can be connected) it should be enough when you look at the size of that beasts :wink:

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Didnt they already release info about how they are going about spawning the titans tho

Did you read my post? Where I said the titans must be spawned once per 3-6 months? I said titans must be killed once per 3-6 month, at least one of the titans. As I said, titans regen all hp after fail try to kill them

So afaik the titans will be giant floating, sentient fortresses. Loot and protectors will spawn on such fortresses. Completing a titan(I think of it like a living dungeon) will take several days in a group and will be extremely hard to solo.


I think it was mentioned that titan fights where supposed to take multiple raids to complete right?


Correct! ^^

You didn’t clarify much…

You didn’t say in what area they will spawn or justify how long it takes to spawn. If a group of 50 can take down a titan, then most titans will be hunted and killed, so 3-6 months is too short of a time, especially considering that most people don’t want to wait that long to kill titans. You haven’t said how many titans there will be in the beginning and assuming what you said is true, the amount of titans in areas is like a snowball effect, unfortunately this won’t build up for the reason I just said; They will be killed soon after they spawn once people start reaching late game.

Why must a titan be killed once per 3-6 months anyway? Why is there a requirement? You seem to be making some pointless rule up for no apparent reason. You haven’t said why people will want to kill titans or what happens if they don’t. Titans aren’t monsters they are more like dungeons, so you would like them to revive and fully heal all their enemies if the “raid” fails.

I don’t think it’s a requirement - AFAIK it’s an example of the difficulty (tune the fight so that, on average, one titan is taken down every 3-6 months)

all i care about titans is that it should be easy to join in such events if you meat the requirements to survive there. (no need to strongly rely on creating bonds with the big guilds to be noticed and get lucky to join ones in a year). and everyone who have joined will get rewards.

Lots of speculation in here being quoted as facts. I’d like to remind everyone that as far as titans are concerned, we know surprisingly few hard facts about them. Of those things we have gleaned from teasers and discussion with the devs, much may have been early iterations or speculation on their part as well. About all know for a fact is:

They are mobile, floating platforms
They are defended with automated defense systems and/or guardians.
They will have a high difficulty, tuned toward cooperative efforts.
They yield components used toward end game machines, likely including airships in some form.

Much more than that is still speculation. Personally, I’d love it if Wonderstruck kept as much about titans a secret until they where ready to deploy. I do love surprises!


Also this:

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