Et tu, Brute?

I agree. It’s something I’ve discussed with James directly. I dont see a problem with raising plot gain percentages at a rate equivalent to the existing backer tiers post release. That’s only fair. While plots are certainly needed by huge project builders, they are not a finite resource, and simply having them does not “win” anything- you still have to build things with your own resources and skills to make them valuable. A dedicated baseline player like @the-moebius for example can still compete with a master tier player like myself. Heck, moebs probably has way more plots than I do even now!

Gaining plots at a boosted rate is still p2w though… in just in a highly removed way.


I want to know what about plots at private worlds.


Well, considering that you will probably have all the permissions on a private world, if it belongs to you, it stands to reason that you would probably be able to use the console to give yourself unlimited plots :wink:

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Or any item in the game and at whatever quantity you want.

True that :stuck_out_tongue: and of course, all the skills etc, etc.

Yeah, after coming back and playing for a while. I realized that the argument “plots = power” is true. Being able to reserve and farm lots of space, and or throw down more foot fall farming beacons is undoubtedly an advantage over other players. It just wasn’t obvious until there was a real economy and fights over prestige. Which is why I advocate dropping the perk for backers. Which brings me to something else I wanted to point out to everyone…

This game is extremely PVP, there is more to player versus player than just me pulling out my knife and saying “I will cut you”.

First, the economy in this game is very competitive it reminds me of playing the market in EVE, which I find very fun. The influence of having more plots either through micro or backer is there. I personally don’t want people be able to dismiss my work because of it.

Second, @Jeffrotheswell pointed this out first. Going further, that prestige is most definitely a form of PVP. We already see fights over control of a city, for fun or nefarious reasons. I’m looking at you @Freezyloon. There are also battles for the capital that people are taking pretty seriously. I’m looking at you @Simoyd and @Gorillastomp. Couple that with anything that can be bought with real world money to help (ie plots) and you have achieved a p2w scenario. The capital/mayor fights will only intensify when taxation is implemented. Could you imagine being the viceroy of Solum at the moment? 10% of all commerce on that planet. That’s a pretty big deal, and definitely worth fighting for.

Third, there is a more subtle area of PVP in the current game that has not been mentioned. Who has the best build is alive and stronger than ever. This is the oldest form of competition dating back to the very beginning. Where all there was to do was build. I got back and the bar had been raised significantly. While there have never been official mechanics for this because it is extremely complex to assign metrics to. The people playing this part of the game most definitely know its going on, and know who is winning and are working to constantly top each other. I’m looking at you @Liveey and @the-moebius.

And for those of you who said loot crates are something you do not like. You should take a look at this thread.


Mystery boxes could be cool. But I’ve simply not seen a honest system yet. Huge Stakes and High odds, are inventions to dump thousands of dollars into. Its just turning the ability to buy something out right into a chance game that forces you to keep buying them in hopes of someday getting what you want.

I will never, ever ,ever purchase into that type of system. I would however dump hundreds into things I actually see and can make a choice on.

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@Karko competition is what attracts us to games. It’s also a reson why males play more than females.
I personally like to compete with others, be better and have better building. But I wouldn’t say it has negative impact on others. I’d never make harm to other players around me. If someone was to ask me for some support, I would help him. And I think most of the community would help others. Competing with others is fun, but it’s not really a PvP mechanic.

When it comes to ‘winning’ ekhm, @the-moebius. I think it no longer matters if you’re rich or not. If you have rank #1 or not. I’m sure he doesn’t need all that gold he earns from footfall and he expands his area of portals only for community and self ego. Is that harmful? I’d rather say it’s helpful for others. He spends his own plots on public projects.

I wouldn’t look at competing with others as something bad. It’s actually a lot of fun. Only sometimes people pay too much attention to it.



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This is the thread that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people, started posting here not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue posting here forever just because this is the thread that never ends…
I miss Lambchop.


I heard that if you make a thread that goes on for a whole month straight, everyone that participates get free rare-gleam gifts from the devs.


Spit out my coffee…


trying to google what ya mean but got more confused


oh god :joy:


As promised. Feedback and comments requested…


We all do Creegle, we all do :disappointed:


I mean in my friendly/nusance of a prestige bout I did so with only 12 plots while the other party had a vastly larger amount. It is not how many plots you have, it is how you use them. Please plot responsibly.


To be honest I am not trying to top anyone, I just like building…

Not sure if you were trying to be mean, however if you dislike my buildings because there is some competitive feel for it, I’d like to point out that I love ‘amazing’ people and have been since minecraft. I love seeing where my hard work ends up, and what it looks like.

I dont really understand whats going on with moebius (as I’ve been pretty solidary on vulpto), however I’ve built designs for him and helped him get ideas for his plaza, I go on hunts and gather and love hanging out with everyone here. So I dont particularly understand, are you saying my intentions are malicious because I am trying to top everyone with my specific building style?

My boat is a solid 100k prestige I do not get money from it (Obviously it’s not alot), nor do I ‘stay alive’ with the few people who actually visit as everyone hates vulpto. Asides from Bunky I am alone most of the time, and its really lonely and the very few moments of the day I am hunting with people or in discord with people are the only times I actually get to talk to people on the server and am allowed to get excited over things in Boundless with.

Asides from building for myself or for fun in some silly competition (in which I have 0 experience making homes but I wanted practice on doing my very best), I am useless.

So why is there an issue with the only thing I do have? I may have misunderstood the intent of your reply but I am not going to build any less or more than I normally do and have done for years. I apologize if it came off as ‘competitive’ and will be more than happy to remove all portals to my buildings if it makes me seem a little less “seeking to top someone else.”

I am just a little hurt to be actively called out on something in a tone that implies I’ve done something wrong or shameful in a game that promotes competitive economy, and buildings alike with the city/capital system they implemented. (in which every single one of my builds contributes to 7-9% of vulpto’s capital alone and that is with 2k plots.) I am just saying.


It was a complement. I think your one of the top builders in the game. :slight_smile:


Alright, I was panicking there because I thought I did something wrong T^T Thank you for clarifying!