Et tu, Brute?

Makes sense! Well, whatever he saw it probably wasn’t that bad. Like honestly, pay2win can’t really be a thing in Boundless. I mean unless pvp is implemented and you can pay for advantages…lol

Slane, PvP will be implemented in the future after launch. With world renting being a thing at that point, I know I’ll be renting a very hostile pvp world that is of the highest possible tier difficulty that I could create with the World Builder.

If they have a cash shop that lets you buy anything for any sort of paid advantage towards gameplay, this game will drain of players very fast and then be burned in a pit with the rest of the games that have done this kind of BS. The devs listen to the player base and interact with us enough to know (or should know) how we would react to something like paid advantages in a cash shop. They’ve done a pretty amazing job creating a product of the quality that we have today. It wasn’t exactly easy for them to get where they are right now.




200 Qubits - $2.99
1,100 Qubits - $11.99
3,500 Qubits - $32.99
10,000 Qubits - $54.99

Purchase With Qubits!


Miners’ Pack

  • 80 Rough Antimatter
  • 80 Rough Rift
  • 360 Rough Amethyst
  • 360 Rough Diamond
  • 360 Rough Emerald
  • 360 Rough Ruby
  • 360 Rough Sapphire
  • 360 Rough Topaz

Skills Pack

  • +300 Skill Points
  • +5 Monthly Skill Resets
  • +1 Extra Jump Height (Monthly perk)

Fighters’ Pack

  • 50 x2 Damage Upgrade (1 hour)
  • 50 x2 Fire Rate Upgrade (1 hour)
  • Three gem Slingbows, Lances, and bombs of your choice

Flight Pack
You can fly now. Nothing more to say about this, yo.

Yes. Boundless can ABSOLUTELY be Pay2Win if done horribly incorrectly. Just random things I thought of in the span of like… four minutes, but you get the gist of it.

Edit: (This is proving a point that things can go horribly south Pay2Win-wise in ANY sort of game. I believe our developers are intelligent, and want to make a GREAT game. This would destroy that.)

Edit 2: This is ALL from my mind. None of this is real. I want to be EXTREMELY clear on that for anyone who might be worried about that.


Pendragon, everyone would quit the game if that happened with your examples… hahahahah


No pitchforks yet plox!


Sly… there are no pitchforks. I pitched a hypothetical toward Slane saying Pay2win couldn’t be a thing here.

Where was that house? I like the look of that area, I might want to do my next project there.

Of course! Not directed at you. Just in general. People will see that and go, “WHAT OMG IS THAT WHAT THEY ARE REALLY DOING?!?!”


this is actually straight from the game files unmodified


stahp it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


isn’t this thread for drama? I’m just helping


That’s a pretty dramatic move over something you don’t have all the facts on Karko… Especially on a pre-beta game where just about anything is subject to change… it’s shame you tore down your build.


I couldn’t agree more with you. First of all, let’s not forget Boundless is not a PVP game, so there’s no way you can pay to win. Do I wanna spend money on Boundless? Hell yeah! I wanna be able to buy more plots. I may also wanna be able to buy materials when no shop has them. I may want to buy an awesome, unique, skin. If they also add more powerful weapons for sale via micro transactions, I don’t see how that is affecting the ones that don’t have to means to pay for them.

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Suum cuique. I’ve seen how that sort of system affects games. It’s not good.

Fortnite and Overwatch do micro-transactions perfectly.


As far as I know, they did mention PVP is not a thing they intend to add in Boundless…

They have actually mentioned PVP and while the Trello is not a set in stone roadmap, it does look like something that they are looking to explore.


I guess I’m just too laid back as a gamer, because I don’t even see the things @PendragonTheNinja posted as being pay to win. I mean, sure the game is about adventure and exploration, but it’s also about cooperation and building. Does it really mean I “win” more than the other guy if I can just purchase a full smart stack of whatever gem I’m looking for to make tools? I don’t think so. If I can just pay real money to have gem tools all the time and Greater Beacon Fuel (or whatever the highest one is called) that lets my plots last without interaction for months at a time and a “Builders Pack” that gives me a full smart stack of every building material…have I won? Or have I just purchased my way out of actually playing the game? Sounds like a lose to me.


Cosmin, I am too lazy to dig up the post that James made months ago about PvP. I just know that they plan on looking into it and so far as I am aware things they’ve looked into have been worked out and put into the game. Whether people think Boundless needs PvP or not, it will attract more players to the game which is overall a good thing.

I weren’t aware of this news. I think PVP is a good thing for Boundless, that’s for sure. As long as they keep the paid stuff just for visuals, it’s all good.

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That could possibly kill the Player Market.
They got the same problem back then in EVE Online and imho they got a good Solution, by making the Shop Currency Sellable and just Usable for Aesthetic Stuff and Services like VIP Status and double Ep and nonsense like that.
And by making the Aesthetics Sellable aswell they even pushed the Player Market a bit.

I Personally hate ingame Stores, cause they often lead to Developer greed (As Example Blizzard got from “We will never have Ingame Stores” to “We get the most Income with Microtransactions” in just 3-4 years) but they can be good, so let us all just wait and see.