[Event] Exo "Hide and Seek", Win Prizes for Exploring Exos!

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I’ve Decided to go ahead with my idea! How it works is, I write a message out of blocks on an exo world. The first person to reply in this thread with a picture of their character standing in front of the message wins a prize!

Current Messages:

Exoworld: Perseph
Reward: 900 Primordial Resin, 450 Exotic Earthyam Bulbs & 1800 Dark Green Gleam

Past Messages:

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Exoworld: Vykos
Reward: 1800 Silver Alloy & 1800 Gold Alloy
Claimed by: Z3nth

Exoworld: Danus VIII
Reward: 30 Refined Rift
Claimed by: Piblo

Exoworld: Anx Minntorii
Reward: 1200 Rough Sapphire & 1800 Silk Cobalt Gleam
Claimed by: Z3nth

(with thanks to Fallon for the message suggestion)

Exoworld: Norali
Reward: 24 Adv. Centraforge Coils
Claimed by: wakeNbake

Also, DKPuncherello is offering 1k coin for the first person to bring them an exoworld bolder ring (excluding permanent world colors)


Cool idea!

If someone destroys a sign, that’s just a part of game you propose, I guess - nothing to be worried about.

I bet there would be some winners and every time a sign like this goes unnoticed/unclaimed… you just save a few quid for the next time :wink:


I’ve thought about this before. Is it possible to place shop stands on exos with an item in them? You could hide them all over the place. I’m 99% sure you wouldnt be able to but have never got around to testing it.

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I believe shop stands need to be placed within a beacon but I havnt tested it.

Fair point. I suppose now its just a matter of interest

I think it’s a great idea! The blocks would still show who they were built or owned by wouldn’t they? If so just outline that clearly in the contest. That should stop any trolling… Or atleast mostly?

Just do your signs anyway…who care if regened or trolled…no one finds no prize given that’s the only thing. Who cares if run around a exo not to find a sign if it was regen. Gets people running around anyway…don’t over think it…just get it done…Lol :rofl::sunglasses:

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Great idea! Might even get me onto an exo or 3!

Just don’t tell anyone what the message says.
Maybe even add details to a sign on the extended text to let people know to go to the forums to claim their prize, which might even help to drive a “lone wolf” to engage in the community.

Nope, the ownership comes from the beacon, not the blocks.

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I have decided to go ahead with the event! Try to find the message and win a prize!


I love this idea!!!

I had an idea like this. But mine is a race for the boulder ring. Who can find the first boulder ring of each color on the new exo. 1000c per boulder ring. Boulder rings that exist on permanent planets don’t count.

Can we team up and cross promote?


The bane of my existence!

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I know, right? I was thinking “what’s on every exo but hard to find”

Also this will be helpful for my exo collection :blush: and it will save you some time looking soju haha.

I’ll put up a scoreboard somewhere by the exo collection showing how many boulder rings each person found :blush:

First person to get 10 boulder ring firsts on the scoreboard gets 100k! Let’s make this interesting.

Race for the ring :blush:

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are they on every exo? I thought boulder rings are only on certain tiers or higher of planets… but I really have no idea.

T4 and higher I think?

Which exo? All of the current one’s?

Currently only on Norali atm, but when more exos get added I plan to add more


Does this include the previous exos as well?

Nah I want to give everyone an equal chance with a fair start :blush: but I will buy any old exo boulder rings I am missing (see the CCCP under row C at DK Mall) and there will be a separate wall of fame for people who helped with the colors project :blush:


I did a bit more digging on boulder rings…

Semi off topic so hiding here so only those who are interested can read

Still not sure if the boulder rings are tier restricted or just only on certain planets like other items, or maybe both.

So after a little forum digging it turns out that you can put cobalt fragments in an atlas to find boulder rings. So I went and tested it on Exo Otrardiang since I knew there were a bunch of boulder rings there and could test it easily. Sure enough, blue dots all over the place and after gathering a couple in one spot the blue dot vanished from the atlas.


Then I went to Exo Norali and put a cobalt fragment in the atlas there… nada, not a single blue dot.

Guess this may explain why no matter how hard I look on some Exos I have not been able to find boulder rings.

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Have a look at boulder rings on the “Knowledge” screen and it should explain fairly well what types of conditions they favour. And could possibly explain why you cant see any on that exo there.

Im not at home so cant check myself but I think burn planets are the most preferred? And only caves at low altitudes maybe? I cant remember exactly the details but I have never had a problem finding boulder rings when I actually target them using the cobalt/atlas method.

The knowledge page in conjunction with an atlas is a really solid database for finding anything you could ever want in game. It still baffles me the questions I see so often asked in discord that would be easily found in the knowledge screen.

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But how often do people direct new players to the knowledge screen? I’m bad for directing players to external resources instead, even though in-game reference material has improved a LOT in the past 12 months.