[Excaldontriga] --[Shock Tier 6 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


∟Accessible via ALCYON at 42 blinksecs :: (Warp Cost : 3400c)
∟Last until December 23, 2019 7:13 PM
∟Server : US West

Blocks Color

Blocks color have been pulled out from data, some blocks may not exist on the planet.

Gleam - 195 Crisp Green

Igneous - 86 Stale Moss
Metamorphic - 53 Silk Mint
Sedimentary - 219 Vivid Moss

Ancient - 87 Warm Viridian
Lustrous - 245 Silk Turquoise
Twisted - 219 Vivid Moss

Exotic - 215 Light Viridian
Lush Foliage - 215 Light Viridian
Waxy - 107 Light Yellow

Clay - 54 Silk Teal
Peaty - 38 Dark Green
Silty - 92 Warm Moss

Barbed - 87 Warm Viridian
Gnarled - 87 Warm Viridian
Verdant - 35 Hot Moss

Ash - 92 Warm Moss
Gravel - 86 Stale Moss
Glacier - 189 Stark Lime
Growth - 219 Vivid Moss
Ice - 188 Cool Lime
Mould - 54 Silk Teal
Mud - 35 Hot Moss
Sand - 103 Ashen Yellow
Sponge - 108 Pale Moss
Tangle - 92 Warm Moss
Thorn - 37 Strong Green

Cloneflower - 125 Violet
Gladeflower - 121 Warm Blue
Ghostflower - 89 Viridian
Spineflower - 211 Azure

Desert Sword - 132 Light Lilac
Oortian’s Staff - 133 Pale Berry
Rosetta Nox - 88 Teal
Spineback Plant - 130 Light Blue
Stardrop Plant - 215 Light Viridian
Traveller’s Perch - 89 Viridian
Trumpet Root - 92 Warm Moss
Twisted Aloba - 93 Yellow

Branch Funnel - 38 Dark Green
Clustered Tongue - 92 Warm Moss
Glow Cap - 218 Vivid Green
Molted Tar Spot - 244 Deep Viridian
Tinted-Burst - 91 Green
Weeping Waxcap - 54 Silk Teal

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Brought to you by @majorvex.


Crisp green gleam :star_struck:

Another sapphire topaz word dam

Location tokens ready at the shuttle :smiley:


Thanks for putting them up!! :smiley:


Doing the atlas but have to get some actual work done… but here are some location that might be of interest, not sure yet.

Some Tangle





Sand and Mud



Any good goo sightings?

Found a few on overhangs, but was not actively looking for it.

Can anyone that has been there bring me 1 block of meta rock please so I can see if I like it and worth going for much appreciated

Atlas not done yet, but I dropped a bit of goo into it just to see.


Awesome, thanks!

@HOST I’d be happy to give you a couple of pcs

I only saw a few on the undersides of the large sky island things, but I didn’t go underground…there may be a good bit in the caves :woman_shrugging:

Your to kind if I could give virtual hugs I’d know I would abuse that on you! :blush: where could I pick a few up ?

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Excaldontriga T6-Shock exo samples and tokens are up in my museum… Location: PS G-TE - Lil Porkchop Block Museum (behind PS Gleam portal)… Note: Gleam is NEW 4-6 block seams so bring patience with you. Also decent Tangle area for Oortmas Twinkies… Everything else looks like a repeat in colors… enjoy my friends :slight_smile:

Big thank you to @Zjawcia , @Gorillastomp , @White69Tiger for helping get these locations


I’m on Delta right now…I can meet you at the new Legend tree or Gyosha Mall

Gyosha mall sounds good to me just let me know when and I’ll head there

I can go over there now :+1:

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On my way…

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Finished atlas and put a couple up in the usual spot in VB Rocket Shop (via PS Hub Boori) as well as some free location tokens for some spots. Also put atlases in the Exo Taxi Hub for those that use it :wink: