Exclusive Perks & PS4


Just bumped into the game today and I noticed that there are a range of exclusive perks available for those that buy certain packages such as exclusive weapons and developers’ world access. Buying these packages, will there be a way to have the exclusive perks on a Playstation account when the game is officially released on PS4? I’m interested in potentially picking up the game now on PC and giving it a try to then play it properly on the PS4 when it officially releases. It would be nice to know that these exclusive perks I may be getting will actually still be mine when I migrate over to PS4. This is of course assuming that PS4 will have their own separate accounts and that there isn’t just one account for both PC and PS4 (which would be great, is there?).



I don’t have an answer to the perks migrating to ps4. But this topic should answer about cross play.

The backer perks are connected to your account. You can use the same account between the PC and PS4 versions of Boundless. This means that the perks available now can be used when the PS4 version is released.

Yes they will.

The game uses a single sign on, shared between the PC, PS4, Steam and forum.

Hope this answers your questions.


It does! Thanks a lot!

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