The ps4 version of Boundless

Quick question, once Boundless comes out for ps4 and I get the ps4 version, what does the ps4 game grants? Like I get the ps4 version, launch it there and get to connect with my username, but do I get access to create one more account or more than one.

On simple terms, each buy, be it on steam or ps4 linked to tu creation of one playable account?


Was wondering this too as I’ll be making content on both platforms. I’m assuming you could play on the same account if you wanted to. At least I hope that’s the case. :slight_smile:

There are rules and guidelines about what you can and what you cannot do when it comes to things like this. However, we are working towards:

  1. Buying the game on PC allows you to access your account on PC
  2. Buying the game on PS4 allows your to access your account on PlayStation 4
  3. Buying both allows you to access your account on PC and PlayStation 4

This is still be confirmed though.


Thanks for the response @luke-turbulenz! Even if it doesn’t end up being a unified account, I’m ok with that but it’s nice to know that’s what you guys are working towards.

The account is shared between PC and PS4, but you’ll play as 2 different characters. Each character will be locked to the original platform. They can still be connected to guilds and beacons - as for any other player’s character.


Oh interesting - are characters platform locked for technical reasons?

So if a person adds me to a beacon, they’re adding both characters or each character has their own name, but linked to the same account?

Meaning each character has their own inventory, skills, plots, etc

Accounts will be allowed to create multiple characters, so each will have their own plots, skills etc


Non-technical platform TRC reasons.


What is TRC?

All i found was this… “TRC, several models of boombox…”

I do not think its right…

“Technical Requirement Checklist, a checklist mainly used to verify the technical requirement for a platform in video game testing”.

Basically a list of technical and non-technical usability rules for releasing games on consoles. It covers a huge range of things to maintain quality on the platform.


Boo; but fair 'nuff

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Square Enix seems be the only company able to bridge the console PC gap with great success. Heck final fantasy XI was even on two competing consoles from different generations AND PC all playing together.

Though apparently Microsoft is working towards this with Minecraft. The windows 10 version is already synced up with iOS and android 100% cross platform and I’ve read they plan to bring the console versions into that build. It’s a brave new world we live in haha.

Cross platform play is a brave new world for the suits at Sony (Microsoft too!) Hopefully we’ll get there eventually but I’m sure we can all live with platform locked characters for the time being.

It’s odd that it’s taking so long really. Portal 2 was cross platform on PC and PS3 way back in the day!

Well most want to keep their content “Console A exclusive!!1!!!1” to get more people to buy their platform. I think they are now realising that it’s only “console vs console” and not “console vs console vs PC”. Most PC gamers with high end rigs and being used to console commands or modding ability won’t downgrade to a platform without that so cross platform Console to PC seems like the best idea.