Exo Shuttle Station - Free Rides to Exos!

New lush exo up! :smiley:

Going to log on for a few, drop some stuff… probably be a TNT Boori in about 10 if any are wanting to go!


ID: aus3_t3_2 (187)
Server: gs-live-aus3.playboundless.com
Temporary: Yes
Appeared 3 minutes ago
Will be available for 4 days 19 hours 59 minutes
Tier: 4
Server Region: aus
World Type: LUSH
World Size (16-block chunks): 192
Number of Regions: 34
Closest Planets:
Boori: 12 blinksecs (warp 940-1020 coin)
Lutrion: 15 blinksecs (warp 1180-1260 coin)
Delta Cancret: 18 blinksecs (warp 1420-1500 coin)
Lasaina: 18 blinksecs (warp 1420-1500 coin)
Till: 22 blinksecs (warp 1740-1820 coin)


Ok I’m down let’s go explore :blush:

Ewwww lush I need a t7 o well


All pink world.
The cacti?


Miss u @Buugi


Ok, got tokens up to a gleam spot! :smiley: There are over a thousand pieces in this spot, but you have to dig down from where you warp in and dig around, destroy the little sky island you’re on. :wink:

I have another one but didn’t put tokens up, but will if you want - only has about a quarter of what this has, and same thing, sky island.

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Completed atlases and location tokens for Perseph ready in the station now.


Making a trip to Vykos in about 20 mins if anyone wants a ride. Will be leaving from TNT Houchus.


Making a final trip to Vykos in about 20 mins if anyone wants a ride. Will be leaving from TNT Houchus.


Bored of vykos why are there so few exos

Cause @Leahlemoncakes is gonna put up a dense umbris for ur soon


We’ve got our Friday-Weekend T7! :grin:

I’m liable to have to bail at any time here, but I’m going to go drop some stuff then head over to TNT Kol Huroo - maybe be there in 10 or so, and will try to wait a few once there if any interested.

Sarra II

ID: euc6_t6_3 (188)
Server: gs-live-euc6.playboundless.com
Temporary: Yes
   Appeared 9 minutes ago
   Will be available for 5 days 1 hour 30 minutes
Tier: 7
Server Region: euc
World Type: BLINK
World Size (16-block chunks): 192
Number of Regions: 31
Closest Planets:
   Kol Huroo: 42 blinksecs (warp 3340-3420 coin)
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New exo!

World: pink and yellow
Spinebacks: green


186 blink from 2 hammers in about 30-40 min. Alt 6. Tried alts 19, 16 and 11 at first. What am I doing wrong?

363 from 3 hammers a little better. Still not great?

I usually do 6 or 7 and just focus on the center of the hotspot, once you see it gets dull, move to another hotspot.

Hotspots on average give you like 40 pieces depending on the size.

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Also try to see the atlas with a light. Hotspots kind of grow with darkness. You can see the center more clearly with a light


Completed atlases and some location tokens in the station now for Sarra II


You know what?
This exo sucks the blink quantity is too low.

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It looks on the map like it’s everywhere. But I had a poopy time there. It’s worse than danus was even after danus looked like Swiss cheese 4 days into its lifespan.

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Sometimes when it looks like a lot, but we have a hard time finding it, it’s usually really spread out, and not so many clumps…lvl 2, lvl 6, lvl 12, lvl 19… kinda harsh on the hammers and brews

Got me the last time I went mining for gems etc it was 2018. I’m basically noob again.