Exoworlds Incoming!


Finding the exoworlds were fairly easy on the test server. I guess the % of spotting one on the live server are much lower? I haven’t spotted one yet


Yeah haven’t found one yet. Might not even get a T7 today at this rate. Will make the rare mats more valuable but I was really hoping for something right away


Or there just are not any up yet?


Bumbled around with a friend and got nothing. Only went to t5 and 6 planets though. Methinks they running scared, sensing our anticipation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So…like in a few hours…or?


timestamp plz.


T-Minus 8 hrs and then they can start it.


My guess is peak hours for each region. If it’s currently peak hours for your region then your region would get the last planet (guessing)

Edit: maybe also postponed until guild buff bug gets sorted out?


thats what i am thinking, alot of people lost a bit of coin. People will want them buffs for the new worlds.


I honestly forgot about guild buffs. Haven’t had any for two weeks now I think.


I guess the European server wasn’t fully covered in Lava and they had to fix that bug first and redo the planet… :slight_smile:


But, but, that’s when I go to bed?
Well, when I’m supposed to go to bed…


Make GOLDA your primary! NOW!


Bed what is bed??? does that mean Exo worlds??


If it does then I’ve found one! But I sure as heck don’t hope to find all you lot in there when I go to sleep! :joy:


I am going to destory a exo world with a hammer! in 6hrs 30 mins!


pray first for one to actually show up my friend lol :stuck_out_tongue:


am i hearing correctly? that all tier 6 planets are now tier 5? can anyone confirm this?


I think this may be the confusion:


guess i’m not so upset i’m at work during all of this.