Exoworlds Incoming!

Hello all

Starting later today, occasional mysterious Exoworlds will be seen in the skies, orbiting the Known Worlds. These are temporary Worlds which will be in the Universe for a certain period of time. Those of you who have been playing the Testing branch on Steam will know about them, but for everyone else, here’s a rundown.

Exoworld will cycle around the Regions, allowing all Citizens to visit one of these unique and challenging environments. They will take on a mix of levels, but will generally be higher-tier Worlds which will need a high level of Skill to survive. The Exoworlds will take on a variety of profiles - Coal, Metal, and our first ‘Lucent’ Worlds …

[Thanks to GorillaStomp for sending in this screenshot from testing!]

Please note, these Exoworlds are only accessible via Warping, and no Beacons can be placed on them. These Worlds are also unable to Regenerate Resources - once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Exoworlds will typically be level 3-6, with Lucent Worlds being level 7, and eventually level 8. These are the next Tier in progression for Boundless, and will require the greatest Atmosphere Protection Skills available, and significant Buffs to survive.

Let’s talk about those Lucent Worlds we mentioned earlier! Initially, they’ll be introduced as occasional Exoplanets and will be made up of three brand new profiles - Rift, Umbris and Blink. These will be difficult Worlds, so think carefully about how you approach these. Perhaps you’ll invest in Protection? Or try a speedier, stealthy approach to these expeditions? Perhaps you’ll find a like-minded group of travellers willing to form a squad - Healers, DPS builds, and players of all talents will be valuable in these high-level environments. A tactical approach will be vital, so plan your moves carefully.

Naturally, the Rewards on offer will scale with the difficulty, so these risky expeditions will carry great potential.

As with any release, please do keep the feedback coming, it’s invaluable to how we continue to develop Boundless. We’ll follow up with full patch notes once they’re ready to go.

Thanks all, we’ll see you on a new World soon!


Are the levels of the planets randomly decided?

So could each region end up with a level 3?

Or we could end up with every region having a level 7?

I know it’s unlikely to end up all being the same, but would be good to know how the spread of levels is intended, if any.

My hope is that, to begin with, we will see atleast 3 tier 7’s in universe

The real choice than will be picking which one start with!

Awesome work as always Wonderstruck! Keep it up!

Does this update only come with exoworlds, or will it also come with xp nerfs, prestige changes and so forth?

@james @SamF

There’s more to come - we’ll have patch notes including everything, but I just wanted to outline this specific feature with this post


Live releases generally include everything that has been mentioned on the recent testing version… which, for this release will be Testing 218: Exoworlds, Blink, Rift and Umbris!

For the sake of preparing myself (and planning my sleep lol), if you can confirm, will the exoplanets appear with the update or later after it? Thanks!

Is there anything special to be found on the T3-T6 worlds? Or is it just a case of unique block colors?

Mostly it’s just new block colours, but you also have more abundant ores too as the worlds, when fresh, generally have more deposits. This will be more apparent when there are gem exo-worlds too, as we’ll be able see them within cave / mountain walls again.


Sounds good. Thanks, Stretchious! :slight_smile:

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for a lucent world is there a way to find the rift / umbris / blink by charging the atlas with a gem or augment etc until the particular resource is found?

You will need to plop in a copy of the resource you are hunting into the Atlas, for the mean time the knowledge screen will be the only source of info for the first brave group of adventurers and treasure seekers. :tada:


The knowledge tab is your friend on that one - it should give you a general indication of where they can be found (i.e. low elevation under area of high elevation - so, deep down under a mountain).

Also the new special ore types are grouped with their gem counterparts and the atmosphere they can be found in - so for example, when on testing, I used a rough topaz in my atlas to find an initial area for rift and then switched over to the actual ore once I’d found one.

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the meteors on these planets have a chance to give the special resources… so you might try them if you don’t want to go mining without the aid of an atlas :wink:


Thanks Jivita…me hunting on a T7 will go as follows…oh a meteor…uh oh i died… lol!
On a serious note thanks for the advice though!


Can you explain more? It will as event with time limit, or these worlds will be raplaced on the new planets, when they are gone (so we have uniq exo worlds every time)?

Not an event… Each Exo world is around for a short time, then once they expire, new worlds will be born!

This will keep a continual fresh influx of colours and resources coming into the universe.


Maybe I’m missing something but I’ve not been able to find any exoworlds…


What turns me off of boundless not having exo worlds yet. Oh wait wrong topic :joy:


So are they being knocked into orbit from an Oort cloud then? :wink: (I’ve thought about creating and naming an alt Jan Oort just to see if anybody got it)