Exoworlds Incoming!


Houchus I says it’s Lvl 5 Potent but I’m perfectly fine standing here with Lvl 4 protection. Let me think… hmmmm… carry the 2 and… hmmm. Nope, doesn’t add up! lol


the 4th level adds 2 points of atmosphere resistance.
1+1+1+2 = 5 = level 5 potent


Need we say more!


Ah I see. Makes sense now. (But I carried the 2! :stuck_out_tongue: ) Thanks, Vansten! :wink:


Oh, I can’t keep up with you young-uns. All yer multitasking and multi-threading is multi-making-my-brain-hurt. :crazy_face:


I’m flattered, but seeing as I have not long entered my fifth decade, that is not entirely accurate :neutral_face:


I’m not that far behind you. Just a few short years until my 50th. Some days I feel about 80 though. Especially when the arthritis kicks in. Thrashing out a few tunes on Expert in Beat Saber helps with that though. I refuse to get too old without a fight! lol.


next week for me :scream:


Ah, sorry, fifth decade - 40s

(0-10 1st decade, etc)

For some reason I just really struggle to say I’m, well, you know, not in my 30s anymore…


Oh thanks for that. lol. I wasn’t thinking of it that way! Means I’m entering my 6th. Doh!


Buy yourself one of these. It’ll ease the transition…


I hit that mark next year, and yeah, that will be tough to adjust… :persevere: But it is heartening to see so many from our generation playing and even much older, especially in games I love like this and No Man’s Sky, see a lot of us here.

Perhaps in four decades or so we’ll all be playing together in a really authentic virtual reality from our nursing home beds… :wink: And yep, I’m not going down without a fight either, I keep playing even as my reflexes and vision go, and bash the young 'uns over the head with my umbrella while I recount the days of blowing into carts to get them to work…


:sunglasses: Goals:


Sounds like some black mirror type stuff :joy:


Ok, I have a new role model now! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


There’s also a cool guy on twitch that is 65+…I can’t remember what he plays (WoW or something), but I think he has a lot of followers. I think it’s awesome. If you enjoy it…YOLO.

(meanwhile, impatiently waiting for some Exo planets lol)


Prolly talking about the PUBG guy. Dude is like 65+ and actually legit.


Would be nice if they gave us a new t6 planet to explore while we wait.


Meanwhile at Ultima hub …

The anticipation for exoplanets has gripped the player population!


Just kidding!!!


I just searched & I think I found the guy you are talking about. :+1:

I prob came across this guy while searching for RS info, but I think this is the one: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/404137878?t=00h23m46s