[exoworlds]Jealousy is an ugly emotion

Hey guys,
Up until now I wasn’t too bothered although it sucks I can’t complete my collection much.
When I see all these beautiful screenshots of the exoplanets I am so jealous of you all.
I don’t have the skills to go gathering on such hostile planets
I don’t have a guild to do it for me
I don’t have the money to hire someone to do it for me

hence I am jealous :frowning:

I sincerely hope farming will be awesome or I am going to be very very disappointed.


No worries. Ive been sick a week now and prolly gonna not be able to check those new exos ^^.
If someone sells exo stuff its crazy high what ive seen

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Hope you feel better soon though!

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Ive been busy and juuuust now getting a chance to get on (about an hour). … Anything I can do to help?

Provide me with 1 plant/fungus/flower etc from each exo planet ^^

But I can’t ask that of you because I can’t really pay and all I have to offer is not too shabby building skills

I can offer you one of each, free if charge, for your collection if you want.

Edit: @Buugi would you also like a set?


What would you like from these planets? I can pick some up for you if you want, no need to pay me.


@MrNiX & @Scavenger @AeneaGames you guys are awesome but I feel bad of accepting freebies. There must be many people like me who feel the same way that don’t speak up. I’d feel bad for them. Let me know I can do something in return?

Also want blocks? White stone, white wood, etc.?

Wonderland is looking for members for whoever is looking for a good active guild

You don’t have the skills… YET
You don’t have a guild… YET
You don’t have the money… YET

If you don’t have the skills, either reshuffle your points, or keep leveling until you’re ready. No one has an advantage here, everyone needs to push through the leveling process to get to endgame content. If the skills are portal opening, go with people who are going. Share the cost, etc.

If you don’t have a guild, consider joining one. iLLumiNaughty would be happy to have any members who love the game and want to be part of a team. There are many benefits to being part of a guild and helping hands are just one of them. That being said, a guild to “do it for you”, is not really the way to look at it… more like “a guild to do it WITH you.”

If you don’t have the coin, find some. I have (as of yesterday, about 56k coin in my Oort request basket… I usually fund it daily. If anything you can go farm shimmering Orbs from growth… each stack of growth is worth 450c in the Chrysominter…plus you’ll get the orbs too, which you can either sell or use.

There is nothing to be jealous about, just goals to reach and problems to be solved. It’s all about perspective. > Blockquote


Happy to grab a few things too, you will probably find those of us who have been around a while will help where we can…new player sticking around helps us all.

Not to mention you coming to get the stuff gives us ff :slight_smile:


I’ve seen your builds, you could do commissions :thinking: :slight_smile:


Mitte, is there anything you would like from the new Exo? I’m farming up a bunch of the white wood and white / cold lime stone for a build, and would be happy to donate a few hundred if you would like some

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I’m not at home right now but if I have any exo stuff. I’d have no problem giving them to you. Also if you ever need a gathering partner. I’d show you the ropes at avoiding mobs.

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As for skills it is a choice and with the exoplanets I have been using up all my points to reshuffle anything.
My second skills sets aren’t levelled up enough to be able to differentiate between hunting and mining

I have a guild and I am loyal to them but yeah life gets in the way most of the time for them so I am not able to rely on many. Nothing to be done about it. I also would feel very bad for hopping around to other guild just because they have the best group at the moment.

All my coin I do earn goes back in to the guild or in to tools for mining etc
AND I am a hopeless collector. Hence the request for the plants etc :slight_smile:


The white wood would be very appreciated @RoMae and @AeneaGames. Is there anything I can do for you guys please?

Thank you Fallon I have done once or twice but if I see what other people do I am humbled

Join Reapers!!!
Where all your dreams come true. Lol.


Alright! I was planning to go for lotsa blocks tomorrow anyway and will grab you a stack or 2!

Nah isok! Just be you and keep enjoying the game!!