Explaining Footfall post Release 211

Its not the footfall the shops generate directly, its everyone elses. It becomes noticable pretty quickly when footfall is lacking. People simply buy less.

Big shops tend to have a lot of portals/request baskets. I know in my case my concern is sales dry up and i have to close down everything ive spend months building up cause the coin isnt there to fund it all. I am optimisitic though, seems like its all moving in the right direction and will get better soon.

This is pretty much cause theres alts and skill pages so that you can do everything in the game.
I dont like this feature. It takes a lot away from the game

Edit. Yes footfall effects this too.

Lol. Not at all what anything in this thread was talking about. But thank you for letting me know.

I dont really like sweet potato.

Look at us getting getting to know eachother!


Not really. Running any reasonably sized shop without buying things from other players, for example, is just insanity. It doesn’t really matter how many characters one uses, there’s still only so many hours in a day that one can spend gaming.

Edit: As a fun side note on limited time, I did the math on how many hours it would take to replace the floor of my base with mosaic blocks. About 600 hours of crafting time alone, if using only one of each relevant machine. That’s not including the time needed to gather 3420 large fossils and 34000ish bits of meat or other cheap mob drops. So yeah, trading is, often enough, pretty much non-optional. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have high prestige beacons and some lower prestige hubs, and i get less coin everywhere. Footfoll is the only reliable way to generate coin and for me its deffinitly a nerf and i know for a lot of other players its a nerf too. Havent even heard of one who said he has more footfall now, and i talk to a lot of people.

And with the Guild patch it will be even worse. If people are selling stuff to others, the coin stays at least(for the most part, because of taxes) in the econemy, but the coins that are needed for the guild buffs are drained out of the econemy forever. If it doesnt get fixed somehow soon the deflation will be huge. you cant even really sell things like Stone anymore because the actual price would be under 1 coin. I can tell that people have less coin because of my shops, i used to sell a lot more than before the patch. I always recoined my baskets even though i dont really needed the stuff in that moment, just to give newer players a chance to earn some coin, but i cant even do that anymore because im also about to run out of coins. In MY opinion it really needs a rebalance kinda quick.

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Yea I’m running a small shop and because I want to have reasonable prices quite a few of my things sell right away and I don’t have enough time to build mine and gather everything so some times I’ll actually give someone more coin than I will make off of reselling it. But it keeps people coming into my shop and buying the things I do myself

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The way I have read EVERYTHING on FF, is that a player such as myself should have remained pretty steady in FF income.

I would be fine with that. However in this new system I am getting about 1/4-1/3rd of what I should be (according to your post.)

I am also curious about the 80c per visitor amount. If that is the maximum FF I can get per visitor, then why have I never recieved 80c from ANY visitor… (Never is a pretty big word here, but the numbers I’m getting in FF have shown me a max of 24c per visit) even when it’s a brand new character made exclusively to test it? It seems that if the 80c is a starting point, there should be varying numbers being seen.

Right now it feels like a nerf.


Just this morning one of my beacons recieved 0 footfall regardless of multiple shop stands being sold out overnight. My husband also receives 0 footfall at a beacon that has received traffic. All of our other beacons get only get about 25% of what they used to regardless of high traffic. Just making you aware of the remaining malfunction

Hi Gina. Bliss here, helped you test the other day :smiley:
Out of curiosity, did you test yesterday? I was able to get the correct value with a brand new test character last night, so at least for my beacon it seemed fixed.

Firstly I never stated it was a nerf. In fact I explained it just the same way as James just did, that they wanted to remote builds to get larger chunks of footfall while high traffic areas got a more steady influx of footfall.

I will admit my mistake was not noticing your comment about being a low traffic area, since most of the people I’ve been trying to discuss this with were the people with high traffic areas who were for some reason also expecting a buff in footfall. My apologies on that end.

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Are all your beacons in your settlement owned by different characters?

No, some players have more than one beacon in the settlement.

I had not tested this but it sure felt like it was changed to 24hrs in December to me as well. I thought I had just missed the patch notes for it.

Only one beacon owned by the same character, per settlement, per cooldown period will get coin from the same visitor.

If that visitor has permissions in the beacon that they enter first, then they will have generated ‘0’ and not give coins to any beacons at all belonging to that character.

Each character will only get one footfall payment per visiter in the whole settlement. Which means their other visited beacons will not receive a footfall payment.

I have only one beacon at my little 2 plot shop and that is getting zero footfall coin but stands are selling out.

Is it over 10,000 prestige?

Each beacon by itself must have a minimum of 10000 prestige now, regardless of the settlement total prestige, for it to be able to generate coins.
And again, if the visitor first ‘steps’ into a beacon where they won’t generate coins for whatever reason, then it’s probable that it will activate their ‘cooldown’ for that settlement and then they’re not gonna generate coins on any other beacon in that settlement that belongs to the same character.

… the system has a lot of variables and it can take a while to debug where the problem is even if the game code is working correctly.

I can go take a look at your area and help you test and find if there are any potential problems if you’re in game. :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, by “it” I was referring to the last stated “2-plot shop”, not the afore mentioned settlement.

Ok the little shop has less than 10,000, so that is something I can fix. The other one that is generating 0 coin has 600,000+ prestige. In regards to multiple beacons, I am still confused why the high traffic beacons would get only 25% of what they used to. The low traffic beacons aren’t getting more, so it isn’t putting it in a different beacon.