🥳 EZPZ City and Guild Welcoming New Players :D - December Map Updated

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EZPZ Guild

The EZPZ guild was created in July of 2020 to better help the influx of new players in July. After handing toolsets to several new players on maryx, we thought it would be nice if we could do more by providing buffs for them to run further, build faster, and craft more stuff. Thanks to our shop, we could use the coin gained from selling gears to run guild buffs. We are happy to see what we’ve done helped more players enjoy this game and keep the community strong.

We (@KArios (my boss) and I) want to formally introduce the EZPZ guild and the benefits we provide. The EZPZ guild HQ is located on Maryx. We currently have 3 factions: the central EZPZ Main guild for miners and builders, the EZPZ DVCT faction for crafters and chefs, and the EZPZ Reaper Faction for hunters and explorers.

To join EZPZ, find the EZPZ HQ through EZPZ Portals at C.:o: .R.E Market and Hunt Lodge, TNT Megahub, DK Mall, PS Biitula, Ultima Sochaltin (EZPZ DVCT Hub), and many more places.

We currently run 7 guild buffs at max level across 3 factions:

  • The buffs of the EZPZ Main guild are: Grapple and Run 3, Builder’s Buff 3 and Hammer Versatility 3

  • The EZPZ C.O.R.E faction will override hammer versatility to have: Grapple and Run 3, Builder’s Buff 3, and Building Safety 3

  • The EZPZ DVCT faction will override hammer versatility and builder’s buff to have: Grapple and Run 3, Spark and Wear 3, and Bonus Consumables 3 (every 3 weeks, builder’s buff 3 otherwise)

  • The EZPZ Reaper faction will override hammer versatility to have:Grapple and Run 3, Builder’s Buff 3, and Brew Extension 3

We are also running a T6 gem mining network ( [RoughGem Series] -- [T6 - Gem Mining Sov Network] -- [Active] - Amethyst update).


EZPZ City welcomes all players regardless of guild membership to come to join us and build. Our city is located on Maryx directly next to our main shop/hub. Guild members also have the added benefit of convenient access to the guild factory (fully-coiled machines and minters for all members to use).

EZPZ Gleambowdia district and Reapertown:

Join us on Discord:

We want to shoutout to all our amazing friends, guild members, and our allies at Brown Town, GTG, and Code Gleam who made us who we are today.

We want to give a special shoutout to the amazing C.:o: .R.E people who built the beautiful C.:o: .R.E and EZPZ hunt lodge and platforms! We also want to thank them and our great guild builders for helping us build the city of EZPZ.


newer photo of gleambowdia district (just recently got completed)

thank you guys for letting me be part of this amazing guild and amazing city!


Really like your builds! Rock on and try to save some guild members for the rest of us :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Really though great work guys!


Whitelet and Kari are some of the nicest smartest peeps I know and always fun to interact with with extremely strong moral compasses.

<3 All my love


Shameless plug? :wink:


That’s awesome y’all!
A lot of good things happening over there!



Im not the boss :stuck_out_tongue:


thank you @DragonTamer @Alwin @NickkThatsGood for your kind words :heart::heart:


I moved here and so far I feel very welcome :smiley: