EZPZ Lemon Summer Fest! - 43 millions! Stamp hunt going on!

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EZPZ is turning 1 year old this July :partying_face: :birthday:
Last year was a wonderful journey for us. We’ve met many great people, witnessed the rise of fantastic builds, and enjoyed the fun and happiness of community hunts and contests. On the first birthday of EZPZ, we want to give back to the boundless community as a big THANK YOU for what we’ve experienced and received. Therefore ------ we proudly introduce EZPZ Lemon :lemon: Summer Fest!!!

The current total prize pool worth 43 million!
There will be four events for this EZPZ Lemon Summer Fest (in order of time):

Prizes and Details at EZPZ Gift :gift: Center (portal at EZPZ Hub)

Grapple :grapple: Tourney - 2021-07-10T22:00:00Z - Meet at EZPZ Hub - <Prize pool 3 millions>

Grapple tournament winners!

First course:
Babycookie (600k)
Karl (400k)
Darthpain (200k)

Second course:
Darthpain (600k)
Babycookie (400k)
Karl (200k)

Rule 1. 4 caustic points needed. @DJDancecraft to sign up in advance or just show up!
Rule 2. @DJDancecraft will guide you to the Grapple Tourney. You’ll be given 20 minutes to check the courses. (check this video for how it looks like: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1077017563)
Rule 3. Collect tokens at each checkpoint and stick to the path as much as you can.

Drop :gift: Party - 2021-07-11T00:00:00Z - EZPZ Hub - <Prize pool 22 million +>
Come and join the drop party with your lootsticks. We will drop high-end forged tools, candy totem clearers, and a bunch of other stuff in the crowd and from the sky!
Rule 1. Food and brew are allowed. Grapple is not allowed.
Rule 2. Jump!

Dodge :bombbag: Bomb - 2021-07-11T16:00:00Z - EZPZ Arena - <Prize pool 3 million>

dodge bomb winners

DJ/Oorteeesha (1 million)
Tara/Rumpel (750k)

Free For All
Pinkflower (250k)
DJDancecraft (250k)
Darthpain (250k)

Rule 1. @DJDancecraft to sign up in advance or just show up!
Rule 2. Use regulated bombs (provide by DJ) No grapples and regen during match, no food or brew
Rule 3. Listen to event organizer @DJDancecraft

EZPZ :footprints: Stamp Hunt - 2021-07-10T04:00:00Z2021-07-24T04:00:00Z - EZPZ City - <Prize pool 15 million>


  1. Lydianne (Becca)
  2. @BabyCookie
  3. @Stocker363
  4. Starhaverster
  5. Dwarftree
  6. Irockman
  7. ixon
  8. @Shadykatt34
  9. @kemyobra
  10. Thomas0327

Congrats to all of you!!!

Hidden Jackpot:

  1. @Stocker363 Congrats!!! 1 million coins are yours! (not that hard right?)
  2. @Dwarftree Congrats!!!
  3. @Wondernut Congrats!!!

Rules are slightly changed since we already got 3 jackpot winners xD
Annnnnd another Hidden Jackpot is added!!!

Rule 1. A total of 12 stands are hidden in EZPZ EZPZ Districts & Facilities. All the places except 1 (hidden jackpot) are accessible through the 11 portals at EZpress that take you around the city.
Rule 2. Collect 1 token (2.5c) from each stand you find. The stand hidden in DVCT Industrial District is the Jackpot.
Rule 3. You are welcome to share where you find the stamps. You are more welcome to explore the city and find the stamps by yourself.
Rule 4. You can’t share the location of the jackpot stamp. The first 10 players who found the jackpot stand/token will share 6 million coin. After that the DVCT token will become your 11th token to unlock 1ss T6 hammers or 72k.
Rule 5. The range of the Hidden Jackpot (Max. 3 player, 1 million coin each) is the whole city. Hints will be published if no one finds it.
Token count prizes (Contact @KArios here, discord, or in game (not available from 2021-07-15T04:00:00Z2021-07-23T04:00:00Z)) :

Let’s have a juicy summer!!! :laughing: :partying_face: :star_struck: :sunglasses:

( :arrow_up: I tried my best lol)


Prize list (updating):

Item - Count:
Coin - 4 million
Wayfarer Looters - 288
Diamond Reel Grapples - 144
Gem Mega Heal Bombs - 144
Candy Clearer - 100
Spark - 43200
Shimmering Orb - 43200
Solidifiers - 144
Forged Rift Grapples - 144
AOE Gleambow Totem - 144
0 Energy Chisel - 72
Max Dura Chisel - 72
Silver Filigree - 5400
Mega SPD Brew - 1800
Mega STR Brew - 1800
Mega Healing Brew - 1800
Mega Inst Heal Brew - 1800
Silver Alloy - 14400

44 candy clearers
72 zero energy chisels
72 max dura chisels
1200 coils (all types) by @catfud
2 chests of concrete & 900 kindling kernels by @Bones

14400 Gold alloy

8 chrysominter power coils
another 6 million coin

nearly all stands are full (more stands will be added to include the coils and concretes etc)

(gif by @kemyobra )


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is that you? :rofl:

Hahaha maybe

Well. Looks like yet another tab that will not be closed on my phone. Lol.


Thanks for letting me be part of hosting this event! Such an honor to be able to work with you guys.

Also, now I’ll finally get to publicly show off the grapple race project me and miaii have been working on, known as the Fractal Zone!
(Fractal zone is not 100% complete, it is not recommended for the faint of heart. The courses were made by experts, for experts.)

Also one more thing. The dodge bomb event will be a team event, contact me or sign up here to reserve a spot


Current line-up for dodge bombs (2/8)

Only 1 I’m gonna do is the drop one but maybe the grapple one but I ain’t gonna win that


can i sign up for some grapple training somewhere? @DJDancecraft


it won’t take too long and you’ll have fun :laughing:

Training? I guess I could train you

Don’t worry, I’m not competing in the grapple tournament. People would think it’s unfair

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I’m up for the grapple event hehehe for sure.
I’ll try to give @DJDancecraft a run for his moneys


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It’s around my dinner time if I can I will come

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i did a stream so you dont get lost while doing the grapple races. keep in mind i am not going super fast in this stream because i want you all to actually see whats going on :laughing: plus this competition is supposed to show your own grapple talent, and not show off all the cool tricks you learned from a video. although i did leave a few handy things in there :wink:


and yes, the planet is decateron V. (aka tesseract hunting planet) funny story actually, the planet is mostly great hunting terrain except for the “fractal zone” which is a group of all the biomes that are not meant for hunting, but definitely great for a grapple course. it got its name due to the fact that some of the terrain looks like a 3D fractal according to Miaii. big thanks to Miaii for letting me build the grapple courses on his planet!


Looks really nice.

This is what popped into my mind here.


Cookie ? I have never used 2 grapples 2 swing around I find it faster to use one grapple and swing jump the distance do you have to use 2 grapples

i always find it handy to have 2 grapples incase i need to get out of a tight spot or cross a large gap with something like lava underneath. just a habit i havent broken, i guess.

you can use any number of grapples, and whatever type of grapple you want for the event though. everyone has their own style of grappling, so whatever it takes to really show it off!

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