Stamp Hunt Winners and Prizes (Hunt ended, time for prizes!)

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First I want to congrats again to our jackpot winners :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :

Our stamp hunt is still going on!
Here are the token count prizes :gift: :
(for each rank of token count you unlock that prize and plus all the prizes below that rank)

To receive your prizes, please join this temporary guild when you are ready (Inspired by @DKPuncherello). I will assign a chest for you to trade your tokens for prizes.

The Stamp Hunt will end on July 24th. For rules and more info please visit the Gift Center (portal at the center of EZPZ Hub) or this post:

GLHF :smiley:


ahhh thats right today is a prize redemption day :open_mouth: also i think you meant to say: Temporary

unless the guild is a temporal guild dealing with the boundless timeline :smiley:

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:rofl: i’ll change that to temporary

shucks…was hoping it was a timeline guild :stuck_out_tongue:

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Big shout out to @KArios @whitelet for the amazing event :slight_smile: had a great time.

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Yay nice! 10

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:relaxed: glad you enjoyed it. Never thought it would turn out so well

Been kurious what the / ?k means after the prize name

that means 600k coin (or 1 million coin if it says 1M)

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you forgot your token count prizes in the chest :rofl:

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What does the money mean on the other side of the forward slash? Is that the coin value of the prize?

Yes. If I can’t prepare/forge that many prizes (oh man 40ss T6 :rofl:) I’ll give coin instead. Or participants can choose to receive coins instead

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Thank you for all of the amazing prizes. I had such a wonderful time.

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ahh that makes sense…because it did surprise me all 11 token winners got as many hammers and with so many participating…etc.

:rofl:tbh I didn’t expect more than 10 ppl would attend the stamp hunt because the tokens are all over the place…I thought ppl wouldn’t be interested because of the time they need to get all 11 tokens

But I was surprised it went so well that the first 5 jackpots were been found in 6 hours with constantly 10+ ppl running in EZPZ city. Many ppl told me they had a lot of fun. So I was happy to increase 5 jackpots to 10, 1 hidden jackpot to 3 as well as the token count prizes :rofl: :rofl:

ahh, I should get around to doing it :slight_smile: Not had the time, work load as the herds of people goes to vacation… incredible how many last-moment projects can surface just before the holidays lol

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awww hope all the irl stuff go well :relaxed:

The hunt ends on 24th if you got time to give a try

Don’t forget to trade in your tokens for prizes by joining the temporary guild!

Hidden prize:

Max rank rift grapple for @BluDragonfly for being the first person to solve the phrase in the right order :partying_face:

“But are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark” Adam Levine - Lost Stars


Congratulations @BluDragonfly! Thank you @KArios for having an amazing Stamp Hunt. I had fun taking a break from the normal repetitive stuff.