Fante's Beams & Poles (aka FireBorn LED & Gleam)


Hello all! I recently opened a new shop that specializes in all your lightning needs! Well not too recent, but you get the idea. For all of those people who already shop regularly at my shop thank you so much for your business!

You will find at my shop reliable huge stocks of all colors at the the following prices:

  • Unrefined gleam: 11c
  • Refined gleam: 11c
  • LED blocks: 50c
  • Gleam signs: 110c
  • Lanterns: 110c
  • LED Chisels: 8000c to 10000c (Gem Durability)
    A few colors of gleam are more difficult to farm and the price is adjusted higher for those.

I should always have all colors unless someone buys a lot in which case I try to restock within 24 hours.

We are located in the FIreBorn Sun&Moon City on Minorengle and you can get to the shop the following ways:

  • Ultima Portal Hub
  • Portal Seekers Grovidias Te
  • Legendville


can confirm nice shop!!!


UPDATE! We now carry all colors of all types of gleam beam and poles!
Also LEDs dropped to 40c for most colors