Farming - Coming to Testing today!


I have a feeling that goo will only be exo’s until they actually make permanent lucent planets. If they do this I think maybe Exos should come round a little more frequently.


Alot of thanks and love from me to you Devs <3


what time can we expect it roughly?
I could plan my day instead of checking every few minutes - please work with your testers here.


Great news. Now let see if it actually works as intented :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm don’t think it’ll be anything but exos being as its gem and lucent exos. Tho maybe it’ll be put on new permanent t6+ planets going forward.


Yea probably exo only to keep the goo in limited supply


If they’re on exo only, the rock colour they’re hanging from, and only in cave roofs I’m already afraid how this is going to play out :sweat_smile:


I am totally sure this won’t be hanging out over lava 100m from shore. :roll_eyes:


was just thinking, what’s the point of them being of the block color if the pigment depends on atmosphere when farming anyway

wouldn’t it be better if they had a color defined by the palette system like all the other plants, flowers etc?

or is there something there I don’t understand?


I think there is a lot we all do not understand. Hopefully we will get extensive release notes to explain it more. I wonder if the goo has a base color and you can modify it to a certain degree if you plant in on a higher tier planet? Only the developers know at this point.


Missed it @Kal-El?


looks like it






BANANA! BANANA! :banana:

Ten chars





I posted this elsewhere, but will throw it in here too… here are our Oortians now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





I think that worrying about if the goo is exo only or not is maybe a little preemptive until we actually see what it entails getting it.

This line makes it seem like we will be able to farm it like any other crop possibly.

That’s my take away on that. Also coupled with the reference to sponge and it’s on ceilings of caves would lead me to test if we could go underground and put sponge on the ceiling and maybe get more types of goos depending on the planet.

All the info is there and I will be disappointed if I’m wrong.

Someone please test this later when the update goes to testing. I would but ps4 woes.