Farming - Coming to Testing today!


I will be so over this on Testing! Have a Steam account too tho have nothing set up yet, so will take a bit before I can actually do something useful. Also I am wondering if testing will have an exo again this time…


I dunno, he may have meant underground inorganic farms. But if you can grow your own goo that’d be pretty sweet…


Sounds more like seeds you gather then grow on a permanent world.


They did a server reset anyway so everything built before is gone. At least my character list is empty now.

edit: The server went down before I could complete character creation, so not sure if planets were reset too.


Both. There is a color mixer and a color block processor for bulk. You can also walk around doing individual touch up. At least this was what was shared to me a month ago on a call.


That was what I was thinking it might be too… if that is the case, I’ll try to gather and sell what I can of the seeds cheap. I’ve gotten used to my frequent deaths on exos now, too… so hopefully minimal cussing on my part when I inevitably plunge into the lava repeatedly. :joy:


From what I understand during my discussion - yes to this. You start with the base and use the atmosphere to slowly change the color. Then you can use various colors to mix and create other colors.


So we can log in now then?


We could, for a minute, but it’s down atm.


Once you realize that dying has no real penalty it becomes rather easy. Apparently in EA dying use to burn the dura of all tools in your inventory or so I read. THAT would be extremely punishing, especially on an exo XD


Yeah, hardest part is simply getting back to where I was, depending on the spot of death… but I can still get hot; y’all’s ears would have melted if you heard me on the last exo when I died back to back to back when gathering gleam… :rofl:


This is definitely possible however with Goo in there I see it as Goo farms are possible.

We will see. Which is why I mentioned it for testing lol


I… don’t see… why…
I mean… why would I plant these and care for them if they end-up dying? What’s the point of temporary prestige points?
And don’t come telling me “gna gna flowers in real life die too”, because Boundless isn’t real life.
Wouldn’t it be waaaaaaaay smarter to invest your time in prestige that never goes away like… well… pretty much everything else?


maybe any Blocks with UV Light? xD
I have over 100 plots in underground finish to Start a farm ^^


How does it hurt?

If you want perm prestige go farm some diamonds or all the other blocks you can use for prestige.

Be happy the negative prestige for not cleaning up the “dead temp prestige flowers” didn’t go into effect that I initially proposed. Of course I didn’t have a full discussion and design for them so it didn’t make sense to implement but I think if you are going to have a living system then you need the adverse side of it as well.


“Beauty of impermanence & starting over VS Beauty of permanence”
The return of the revenge!

Man, I wanna have pretty flowers in my build, but seriously, why should it be required to have to re-plant them all the time? That’s just… disheartening…
It’s a big build. There are many places where I’d like to have pretty flowers. We already have to deal with the impermanence of the beacons, machines, power coils and portals. I don’t wanna have to run around the build all the time like “wait, did I check if that plant was still alive?!”

So yeah.
If they release “temporary decorative plants”, just count me out.


You have this… go use regular flowers. You get perm prestige for them.

This is a new game model of temporary prestige. They built the mechanic and will iterate it. It is a temporary boost in prestige if you keep it alive. If you don’t the boost goes away.


yeah I figure if the other crops (organic and inorganic) mature and will live forever in a fully grown state I will use those myself.


Exactly my thought!

I would’ve expected the opposite! The organic/inorganic crops to die out if you don’t care for them enough, because they have a purpose that’s somewhat more in-line with machines, portals, beacons and power-coils, and the decorative plants to live forever because they’re here to decorate like a block of refined gleam.

Although, someone might come and tell me “well, the organic/inorganic crops die too, but it takes longer”, I’m gonna be like “At least there’s gonna be water, or does that dry-up too?”. XD


just gonna add some of these replays to my super depressing eeyore quotes.