Farming - Coming to Testing today!


Thx, now i am utterly depressed ;/


Don’t forget my favorite quote. “If you die in lava you might as well run back”


i have the death penelty anyway… might as well take another lava bath :disappointed:



omg so funny! im listening to that book right now. just got past that part to :rofl:


At 1:33 there are a nice decorative plant i want. :slight_smile:


The hype is real. Let me in, you infernal testing server!


If it were that easy there wouldn’t be a game… :blush:


You’d still have to do the initial farming, and I think at one point they considered being able to extract block colors. Maybe that turned into the goo idea…


You missed the lots of playing part!


OMG finally something to look forward. I can’t wait for this farming to come out. Hopefully it won’t be too disappointing! I look forward to a productive time with the farming! something new finally! Love ya all the Devs! <3


Appreciate all the hard work but with all the hype aside, why are the testing servers still dead? xD


Hold your , it’s coming! :smiley:

(see what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue: )


Everything that was already said and again …

Finally! This used to be a gift-from-the gods item. I remember moebs and sweed mysteriously had some. I have only been waiting for this since the day I started.

Boundless just got 73.67% more amazing.


So its not yet coming to testing? And how we are getting water or lava?


Good question.

Titanium bucket?


Umbris bucket…with a hint of Rift & Blink mixed in.


Releasing now folks, I’ll update OP with a link to the Release Notes now


For those who cant wait… the water looks awesome so far. Also i feel the graphics changed a lil (for the better) (could be wrong about the latter).

Graphics are def different. Colors are richer and theres some Oortian glow to things xD


Thanks for posting those, the water looks so beautiful! :heart_eyes: I’m PS4 so I’ll be living vicariously through you testers. :wink: