Farming - Coming to Testing today!

Hello all

We’ve got some exciting news to share - we’ve been working on the highly-anticipated Farming feature for some time, and we’re now able to explain how the system will work in Boundless.

In the most basic sense, Farming will work around cultivating and harvesting various types of Crops. There are different categories of farmable material, and a wealth of variables which will need to be taken into account to run a successful Farm.

The different types of Crop are as follows;

Organic - the classic uncooked Food you’d typically find in Boundless. Think Earthyams and Starberries - or the new Kranut, used in Oils and other Recipes.

Inorganic - these are Fuel Items, including Resources brand new to the game, such as Goo - this is a means of producing Colour Sprays, which we’ll go into below.

In a later update, the plan is to expand the farming system with more types of Crops. These are known as Decorative - these will increase prestige in your Beacons and are the only crops which are temporary. Think flowers and other ornamental plants.

All Organic crops will require daylight to grow. Irrigation is another important aspect of farming, and so placeable water and lava will also be introduced with this system (lava is used to irrigate Inorganic crops). By extension, this means that Inorganic farms will be able to be grown underground.

Some grow down rather than up i.e from the bottom of a block rather than the top. Think vines (Starberry) or Stalactites (Goo) coming from the ceiling. I’m looking forward to seeing some great underground Goo farms for example.

Modifiers are in place to increase the speed and yield of crops. These include such variables as what the crops are planted in, what they are planted near, and their proximity to liquid. So for example, Earthyams planted in a certain type of soil, near another type of vegetation, and within a certain distance of water (or perhaps even partially underwater), will grow faster and more abundantly than those planted in a less efficient location.

There are a few new items that’ll help you in your farming endeavours. Firstly, the Hand Tiller is a tool, created at a workbench, which is used to increase the yield of organic crops by preparing the soil. Unprepared soil will still yield crops, but for the best results, you’ll want to get hold of one of these. There are two kinds of fertilizer too, with Oortian Mulch improving yield on organic crops, and the Hi-Octane Cultivator improving the results on both organic and inorganic crops.

Another cool new feature we’re introducing with this update is the Painting system. Goo kernels are found on Gem or Lucent Exoworlds, growing on cave roofs. Their base colour is determined by the rock they are found on (or sponge, which they like best - little pro tip for your there). The atmosphere in which they are farmed will provide a tint to the Goo Pigments which are then harvested.

These Pigments are then placed in the Pigment Processor, which mixes colours to produce an output colour in the form of a Spray. This Colour Spray is then used to paint natural blocks and props - think Wood or Stone. This will open up a new area of building, as players are able to decorate sections of their builds in the colour of their choosing. Doors, furniture, and anything else made of suitable materials can be coloured.

In an even more exciting development, you can start to experiment with Farming today, as we’re just lining up a testing update! Please see the release notes here. Enjoy!


Wooo can’t wait. Maybe I’ll get around to dusting the computer off to check out the testing on this one.

yay :grin:

EFF YES!!! I’m so excited!!!

Oh wait…my BCD won’t repair on Win10, so I’m still effed till i get home from work late tonight and can hopefully fix it without reinstalling Win10…

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The paint sounds interesting, but as for organic farming… sounds like no bean farms :neutral_face:

Bye bye, productive work day.
I’m ready for some serious farming.


It’d be like another coin minter in the game if we got that :sweat_smile::joy:

Not that I’m opposed to having it.(since i forge now)

I think it would have made forging more accessible to newer players, bean prices are ridiculously high right now


I wonder if this is all manual work with a spray can, block by block, or if there’s going to be a way to process blocks in bulk. Either in the said pigment machine, or another one. Come to think of it, maybe there could be a machine that has a “tool slot” and a “target slot” so it could also be used for change chiseling too.

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:eyes::eyes::eyes: Finallyyyy

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Emm, this might be interpreted in 2 ways, on gem worlds or lucent exoworlds or gem exoworlds or lucent exoworlds.

must be all gem and lucent worlds me thinks, meaning gem regular and exo and lucent exo (since no regular lucent atm)

If I remember correctly @jesshyland posted art of the machine that would process them as bulk blocks.

Bad memory it was @Minyi

yeah am hoping the ‘exo’ has been added to lucent because those are the only lucent worlds we have right now.

On the other hand, since it is to make paints making them on available on exo worlds means we have more reasons to go there…

… but it also means any paints we make are then also, like the blocks from that planet, limited (in availability)…

Was kinda hoping that with lots of playing we could get ANY colour in ANY amount we want at ANY time…


I don’t think it was confirmed to process blocks, and I assumed it’s the same as machine as in this quote. The quote only mentions the machine to output sprays, but I guess we’ll see later today :slight_smile:

After further reading I found this, so you’re probably right. My memory seems to be spotty :smiley:


I wouldn’t speculate about any particular feature or mechanic until we can actually see them in-game on testing.

The announcement post is giving us some detail but remains a bit vague – and in fairness, it doesn’t have to be specific since we’ll soon find out anyway.

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I really hope goo isn’t an exo world only thing.


Was just about to post that :sweat_smile:

Tho I was wrong on the person :sweat_smile:

Sounds awesome, can’t wait, thank you all for all your hard work on everything, it is much appreciated! :slight_smile: I’m sure I’ll be sinking a lot of time into farming and painting!

I can’t wait to start testing.

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