Concept Art: Tinting Machines + Sprays

Introducing concepts for the tinting system which will come with farming. After harvesting the right colours, you can process the items into a spray to colour your furniture blocks and crafted items either by hand or in bulk with the machine!

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Hmm does this mean new furniture too?


Ehmm, furniture? What furniture? And can it only be used to tint the few items we have or also blocks?


oh that looks awesome! epic stuff coming, cant wait!

This is awesome. Imagine the possibilities.

Could also release a body paint that goes with the theme of getting covered in different paints to simulate doing it by hand hahahaha

Edit: is that cotton cloth rolls on those machines???


Get the fluff out.

Good god you people are making me feel like a kid right now. Legitimately just leaned over and told my wife ‘Jesus Christ this games like a Christmas feeling over and over again with this farming update they’re working on.’

She just smiled. I don’t geek out much but she knows this is the most geeked I’ve been in over 10 years for a damn video game.

Not gonna lie, feeling like a kid is pretty fun.


Foreshadowing a furniture update coming? :eyes:

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Sooo please tell me the couches will be blocks. So there’s end blocks and middle blocks so we can set them to the desired size


Now that is :ok_hand:

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Awesome boys and girls;
Can’t wait to tint (put another color) on my blocks :rainbow: :+1::+1:
Keep it coming… nice …

I second this request. I would like to shape my couches around.
Tinting sprays? Now you’re just spoiling us. :sunglasses:

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A question though that I PLEAAASE would like an answer for (and i am sure many would). Is it only blocks? So sand, foliage, rocks, etc? We can’t tint grass/surface resources/flowers?? Thanks!

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I would like to petition to be able to spray tan my fellow oortians. Even if it’s only temporary.


Open up a whole new market there hahahaha


Have patience Red;
I’m sure they (the dev’s) will do it the right way for us :sunglasses:

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It’d be in direct competition with their skins for cubits but I felt like if it was temporary than maybe it’d generate more hype to purchase your own perma skin via cubits.

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I just want to know if i should continue collecting samples from the exos or not xD

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I can barely handle the anticipation. This post doesn’t help ease it lol. My hillside farm is almost complete. Bring It On!!

(^^ Will it be big enough? Too big? Need. More. Input. :sweat_smile: )


Furniture AND dyes? :heart_eyes: I’m going to be one busy Oortian! Gives me incentive to keep working on the (hopefully) prettier house I have in the works… my gal wants some luxury! :wink:

These look great!