Farming - Coming to Testing today!


Same. Not that I’ve been waiting for farming. I’m content just building stuff. Though the placable lava and water. :raised_hands: can’t wait to make some more death traps.


Is it me or does the Hand Tiller look like its made from a roadrunner head lol :stuck_out_tongue:

otherwise thank you for the pic posts… now I’m more excited for this update!!!


Oh boy, another power coil. What rare resources does the pigment processor power coil take?


Just 10000 road runner feathers… each. Jk. Lol.


… And maybe perhaps a beautiful reflecting pool for your rainbow tree! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wink:


We don’t get reflection on PS4. :cry:



What? In your settings options, on PS4, you have no reflection options? That sounds wrong.



Only reflection I get is the sky. No land or builds reflect. That’s why I’m jealous of the pc version. And the testing is cool too.


Huh, in all my wanderings I’d never actually noticed that, interesting! But then, I can be a little oblivious at times, to put it mildly. :flushed: Hmm, well, maybe that will change one day, on our reflections on PS4!


You just added lava and water with cheats? Or how you gather those


I wonder if this will introduce new tools and machines, like a hoe or something like that. Would be cool to see some hoes be forged to have higher chance drop rates of rarer items or to get more of an item. And I know we’d all love the AOE hoes too.


The hand tiller thingy is a new tool that does come with all the nice iron/titanium/etc variants.


I think that eventually we will be able to bucket them or something. For now, you have to get it from the give menu


Ah well, we had the answer all along!
< sigh >
More forge affixes… The forge is becoming a feature-dumpster-fire. ^^’


Yeah with cheats. You can forge a shovel though to gather them. Can’t add them to beacon yet thought because “its a new beacon”. Seems like it is some anti-grief measure.



Once the update goes live, I just hope it won’t consider all beacons as new, and that the game will be able to say “nah, this beacon has been around for a while before the update got out”.

I’d be curious to know ‘how long’ a beacon takes to stop being ‘new’, though.


I could place water just now so it didn’t take long.

Am i doing this right? xD


Oh god. You deffo are not building with me in live anything water related :smile: