Farming Flowers 🌷

After seeing some gorgeous flowers at someone’s build I would really love to be able to make them. But I don’t know how!!! Obviously I have to grow them but how do I get started on that? Is there a guide to growing flowers out there somewhere. I searched the forums but couldn’t find anything. :tulip::cherry_blossom::rose::hibiscus::sunflower::blossom::bouquet:

Check in your knowledge screen in the farming category and you will find the recipes for the 4 decorative flowers/plants.

They are crafted using the 4 existing “flowers/plants” in the game. The clone flower, spineflower, gladeflower and the other I cant remember the name of off the top of my head.

The colour of the plant used to craft them determines their colour.

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Stupid question but what would be the difference between a decorative flower and just using one you plucked from the wild?

I wish I had pictures of them but they’re absolutely gorgeous. Maybe someone can provide some?

Thank you so much! I shall do that.

This basically, they are a huge upgrade to the flowers found in the wild. I would show some screenshots if I was at home but I’m sure someone else will.

The big drawback of them is the fact that they wither and die eventually. You can keep them fertilized to give them a longer life but you cannot keep them alive forever. However you can just replace them once they do.


there kinda forgotten crafts lol
thx for reminding me they exist
kinda weird you have to discover they exist
and its not obvious they can be made

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Right? When I came across them I was like… Wow! I need these. I can’t believe there isn’t some sort of prompt or something that tells you about them. They’re so pretty!

only way knowing about them was a dev release before you played the game lol
seems like a issue dev should look into
whats point spending time making cool items if players
dont know about them seems like wasted dev time then
you inspired me to build a flower diy room our something to inform players myself :smiley:


maybe these you are looking for? as @wakeNbake said you need deco skill to make them.
also 1 good thing about this is that people who dont rly care about farming that much can now grow their basic wheats and suchs and turn them into flowers. : )


Perfect, thank you. That is them!

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Do ancestors blade glow?

iirc the ones I saw glowed.

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Heres a better one


I love the way these flowers look but the maintenance required to keep fresh ones growing all the time is just ridiculous and the sentinels crest cut down on the oort gathered on higher tier hunts :pensive: I was excited for them but was massively let down when even constant fertilizing couldn’t keep them from withering over time and the withered states look pretty bad.


Perhaps their upkeep needs revisiting by the Devs. Especially as it seems that barely anyone uses them because of this.


How bad is the Upkeep on ancestors blade before I plant couple thousand of them ?

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It’s bad, cookie. They’re gonna die :pensive:

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What is it water every week I yet to farm so what’s bad lol I fuel Portals everyday even Dough all 12 of them have 5 weeks lol

They die, currently no way to stop it… can’t keep them alive by watering or anything.

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