Farming goo

Tried looking for a post, but I’m terrible at finding anything.

Does anyone have a guide to goo farming? I can’t seem to get any crop. It stays at 0%

Are you planting the goo on gleam? Gleam is used to mutate the color. The max crop will be 0% and max seed is 90% i think.

If you want max crop plant on sponge. A mix of crop and seed plant on rock.

No guide quite yet, but Crop is increased by lava in a adjacentish blocks. So if you plant in a ceiling, then blocks to any side should have a chiseled surface with lava in it. Then seed rates are similarly affected by adjacent growth blocks. Just keep in mind you cannot have growth and lava next to one another, as the growth will break. Same with sponge.

I have them on rock at the moment, same color as the goo

You can actually get crop while planting in gleam. It gets well above 200% with the right conditions. Then the seed retention goes down a bit with each increase in gleam refinement.

What do you mean? You get better yields in refined gleam?

Oh really, do you know what is the seed % is if you get crop to 200% on gleam?

I had lava on either side of a 2x2 goo farm, but I was getting 0 crop

Rock color doesn’t matter. Basically with my setup i have rocks in a 2x2. A block that wont burn by lava (i use stone) surrounding your 2x2 rock. Then put lava on the outside of that. You can use rock/stone/brick/etc and chisel a spot to put lava in.

Put gleam in range of the goo as a light source to lower growth time. Lighter shades work best. White, luminous, cold, crisp

Ok thanks, should I bother farming for seeds or just go full crop?

I use rock for higher seed chance and random mutations will have higher chance at more seeds of the mutated color. But if you want to go full crop with low seed chance use sponge instead of rock.

Typically if you like the color of the goo seed, plant it on sponge to get the most pigment. If you want a healthy balance of crop and seed use rock.

@Firehazurd is more knowledgeable on color morphing than me though

Personally, my Goo-tation Station is set up at 215% crop / 75% seed yield. 1500 crops all planted on raw gleam & mutating.

Nice, is that setup one gleam surrounded by lava? Or is there another way to set it up

I need to see you and fire’s setup. I may need to do some changing to my morphing setup. Or just add a new area

Maybe with a screenshot of your setup, @molav, I can figure out why you’re getting 0%.

Lower refinement levels of gleam return more seed. The base, if I recall, for gleam lanterns is 75% seed, refined gleam is 80% and normal gleam is 85%. You can increase seed returns with growth, but max you can get back in gleam is 90%. Max you can get back in rock is 95%. So you’re always at a seed loss. Sponge has an abysmal seed return, but a high crop return. I just don’t recall the exact numbers.

You don’t have to space it quite that much. I use 2x2 squares and 1x♾ set ups.

Gleam type affects crop yield, not seed that I’m aware of. Refined gleam gives 5% less crop than raw, while gleam lanterns give 10% less than raw. Growing on refined speeds up growth time 2 hours vs raw gleam and gleam lanterns shave five hours off growth time vs raw gleam.

Edit: this is just what I’ve found by messing around and changing my layout a few times. I’m not sure of hard numbers and I only grow to mutate.


Sorry, I must’ve switched them in my brain at work.

I get around 200% crop and 75% seed on my gleam lantern farm. I use gleam lanterns because they grow marginally faster, and because I was able to turn 36 rare gleambow colors to 50 by moving to lanterns.

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Everyday i learn more about goo farming lol

That sounds about right, I replaced a few pieces in my white gleam section to verify the numbers, and switching raw out for a lantern turned crop yield to 205% / 75%

So planting in gleam, with gleam lanterns nearby, gives the best output crop to seed?

Is this what my goal should be?

Planting in gleam specifically, the nearby gleam lanterns don’t impact yields. @Toumashii is just illustrating the difference in planting in various kinds of gleam. You’ll notice that the goo in the Gleam Lantern is growing faster, where the goo in raw Gleam is producing more crop.

What you cannot see is that there is lava in the Dark Glass, likely chiseled in there.

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