Farming goo

My setup is rock with lava on left and right side for crops -> 220% crop 80% seed and the normal gleam with growth left and right for mutating with 90% seed 0% crops.
I am however focusing on growing certain colors as reliable as possible so another setup might suit your needs better.

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Goo is supposed to be the most “advanced” crop currently in-game. This is due to all the different ways you can approach goo farming. It all depends on what your desired results are. If you just want pigment and you’re not really concerned with mutation, growing it on rock works best longterm. If you’d like to experiment with mutation and different returns, growing on gleam might be for you. Either or, a little lava nearby goes a long way, but can be tricky to place since goo grows downwards. Best advice I can give is just experiment.

Edit: see what @wakeNbake posted below for some great examples.

Looks like you’re getting shown a bunch of different setups and peoples explanations of why they are using them. So I am currently in the process of constructing my large scale (permanent) goo farms and dismantling my old “testing” farms and I figured while I had the top of the blocks still exposed I could get some screenshots. All screenshots are showing the top of the blocks as this is where the lava is hidden.

Above is going to be my main setup which is “planted on plain gleam” and “near lava”. Gives 75% seed and 215% crop which returns around 9 or 10 gleam per kernel. It allows me plant goo on a very different colour for lots of mutations, or plant on the same colour for no mutations. The lava boarders are 2 blocks wide, chiseled this way so I can remove gleam without spilling any lava and also walk on top safely if necessary. The gleam strips are 3 blocks wide

This is “planted on rock” with “lava near” which gives 80% seed and 220% crop which returns around 12 pigments per kernel but results in some random mutations. Lava boarder 2 blocks wide, rock strip is 3 blocks wide for planting.

This is “near lava and near growth setup” it can be “on rock” or “on gleam”. This is a lot of space taken up to achieve the maximum seed return so there probably are better setups but it worked, mine was basically growth 2 wide, rock for planting 1 wide, lava 2 wide and then mirrored The lava and growth had to extend past the rock to ensure the seeds on the end were maximised also.

This is primarily used on the rock version to maximise random mutations. as it will return about 17-18 pigments per kernel and will survive the most iterations. The gleam version will only return around 8 pigments per kernel but will also last a large number of iterations so it could be used for targeted random mutation.


Glad you posted these pics. I was planning on ripping up my top layer in a couple areas for some clear examples to help OP later when I got back online, lol.

haha, you’re using the same or similar then?

Quite similar, just a tad more decorative. Yours look more efficient; mine are just more spaced out for completely unnecessary sorting & organisation of all 255 colours of gleam.

Oh see that is my problem… . I do not have all 255. in fact I have absolutely no idea which colors I have and which I need… still, haha. I do feel that I have a big enough range of colors to achieve most color pigments though.

Oh and just another thought for people trying to organize. There are 30 different colors, and then there are various shades of each of those colors which is how I keep all mine arranged.

I just wish i was that organized with the gleam but I have 1 of some colors are 20+ of others and 50 stacks of common ones, so I just tried to get a representative spread of all and a focus on colors that I particularly like.

I only do 2 wide, and I’m only doing gleam/gleam lanterns, but yeah I have a pretty similar setup. though I keep my upper part as a 2 tall walk area so I can do maintenance. I did 2 wide because it’s easier to ensure you’ve got your lava bonuses and it’s not to hard to go long instead of wide.

I’m not currently doing any rock growing, because I want to get the pigment every time I harvest. I found that increased my overall latent pigment supply, which was useful for doing creative mixes.

I’ll likely create a sponge super crop section to rapidly create massive amounts of pigment, but I’m not there yet.

Edit: I’ll throw some pictures up here when I get home in a bit.

Very nice man, yeah mine is an attempt to make as much use of space as possible, I’m not sure if I succeeded but I like the 3 wides because every one of my organic and inorganic farms are haha, I’m simple like that. But it does maintain the full bonuses on ever single piece of gleam due to the 2 block wide strip of lava around it. You might get away with a 1 wide strip?

I was initially just morphing direct to a few select colors (black and white and a bunch of shadow colors) that I found I could make quite easily using the gleam/lava/growth. Then I was placing them on rock/lava to get those pigments + the random mutation ones.

My conclusion after playing around a bit was first to ask myself.

What am I growing the goo for?? Because the method will depend on the application.

I want to see colours change step by step towards colours to maybe give me some insight into good colour combinations to achieve what I want, so hence the mass gleam farm set up. Needs and farm setups will change in the future.

Goo farming is fun!


Uh, this is amazing thanks for the tutorial

I like this setup a bit more than mine since your pigment and goo are right next to each other. This is my pigment room

Oh but I do approve of your color coded setup though! i was going to eventually have pained shop stands and signs in each color… just need to finish making one of each pure color first… and also finish making the permanent underground farm setup that I’m slowly piecing together.

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Very nice, I am envious of your gleam selection!

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I need to be more organized, but I’m pretty happy with this view!

Then here is my setup from the top.

and the bottom.

I’ve got 4 floors right now with color groups, there’s as much behind me as what’s in the picture on each floor.

I need more!


This is awesome, guys. I just expanded my goo farming a bit yesterday, but want to do tons of it hahaha

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I have some more goo kernals from the blink exo so cool and cold lime. If anyone is interested.

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if you are going for pigments plant in sponge, near lava. be careful lava will eat it up.

I know its been 18d but is there by any chance you have an above shot of that pigment farm @Orrian ?

plz n thank you :slight_smile:

I can try really not much up there