Goo colors mutations

@Bubbagamer To mutate to it you will need bright moss gleam. And one of the nearby goo kernel colours such as…

Bright Lime
Bright Green
Luminous Moss
Bright Yellow
Stark Green
Stark Lime
Crisp Lime
Luminous Green
Vivid Green
Vivid Lime

Unfortunately it is also a colour that is at the extremes of the spectrum so it will be difficult to mix without the colours Majorvex has suggested.

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Then how am I supposed to get the gleam

The next time we have a Gleambow event you can gather it from meteors or buy it from another player.

Some players might have extra left over from the last Gleambow that you can buy or trade for.

I know of a couple of stores that sell Gleambow gleam and they may have some for sale still… unfortunately though they are priced at 8 to 10k a piece.

If they knew what was really up, they’d be priced 20-50k+ each… :zipper_mouth_face::wink:

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I think [Gamma Draco] --[Rift Tier 7 Exoworld]-- [Inactive] had bright moss goo kernals but pretty sure all of the ones I had sold pretty fast.

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Yep, it has been on at least 2 exos so far at the least.

@Bubbagamer what are you planning to paint?? Because if it is a rock product then I’m sure there will be people with spare bright moss rocks.

Oops you are right… [Shimus B] --[T7 - Savage Rift Exoworld]-- also had them and in decent qty, cause I have a bit over 3k kernals in my Exo bin from that planet.



Just checked for this and I do have 600 Bright Moss Sedi I would consider as extra… not much, but it is a start if building something rock based.

Hi @Bubbagamer

Like @wakeNbake said, I was using bright lime goo to mutate into my bright moss gleam to get bright moss pigments. Not more atm since an exo appeared with lots of bright moss goo.

I can’t really help here on mixing cause I have all the color gleam in my farm and I can already have all the color pigments for my projects without need to mix.

I’m a farmer who loves to grow crops and seeds have you by chance know how to get the goo to a good seed yeild?

Goo will always be below 100% seed yield when harvesting your own crop. 80% seed return is (in my opinion) optimal, since you’re producing a vast amount of pigment whilst losing 20% of your kernels.

How you farm goo depends upon the result you are after. If you want to color change the seeds, you need to grow it on gleam. If you want maximum pigments, it needs lava/rock/growth. If you want to maximize pigments while retaining seeds…you’ll need lava+rock.

Some great info and farm examples in these threads.


here is a sample when I was messing around with 2 wide gleam and 2 wide rock to get both worlds… like @majorvex said… to mutate + seed use the gleam and to get pigment + seed you use the rocks… This method for me and many others is by far the best since you get some seeds back in return from both.

Note: there is lava going all around top and bottom but its just covered in this picture…


What’s the seed yield on your goo farms? I’m only able to get 95% on seed yeilds.

I want to get more black goo out of what I have

We all would :+1: but you can’t get over 95% seed yield (you can get way over 200% on pigment yeilds). You’re going to lose seeds…just make sure you go to Exos once in awhile to replenish your supply and/or buy kernels when you can.

Oh, ok tyvm majorvex

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How much do pigment coils usually go for?

I have seen them around 6-10k each… There may be cheaper but that’s the average price I have seen so far