Color Mixing Utility

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Hey friends! Based on the information I got in the Goo Color Wheel thread, as well as an insane amount of help from @lucadeltodecso, I’ve been able to put together a Color Mixing Utility to help predict what you will get when you mix certain pigments together.

You can find the utility here.

You’ll need to make a copy for yourself to be able to edit it, but it’s pretty straight forward. You put your first color in top, and then your second in the bottom. The utility calculates both what color result you should get, as well as what amount of spray you’ll end up with in that color.

The utility also has spots for 3 additional colors that will skew your results based on how much you enter. If you enter a 0 in the number spot, it will assume there are none in there and that color won’t effect your results. 0’s have been set up to turn white as to keep the form clean.

In the future, I plan to add functionality to help map your course along mutation paths and allow for reverse lookups for recipes for certain color sprays. In the meantime, take a look and let me know what your thoughts are!

Thanks again to @lucadeltodecso and @james who really gave me more help than they should’ve! They definitely held my hand a lot on this and I really appreciate it!

Happy Mixing!


So is this solution going to be turned into a game asset and something we can have in the game? Did you ask? If not you should…

Otherwise awesome thing!

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Thank you so much for all the hard work! This is really helpful :slight_smile:


Ehh, but this is already in the game? It’s the Mixer machine we have…


Maybe add a faux color mixing tab to the current mixer so you can view all possible inputs/outputs before wasting your precious dyes experimenting

“all possible inputs/outputs” would be… hundreds of thousands of combinations.

when adding dyes it shows what you colour you will get before you consume the ingredients, so where is the wasted dye?


That would be a great start! But I meant a tab that lets you say “what is the output if I enter X # of dye 1 and Y # of dye 2” basically what this tool, or the in game mixer does. That way you don’t need to own the dyes to check how to make other colors. It is still trial and error when selecting the inputs - but with zero gathering time.

Edit: the wasted dyes are when you mix two colors to get a third color - only to find out that it’s not useful for your purpose of getting color X. You could figure out what combos of dye mixes are required if this tool were in game way quicker than trying to unlock a few of each color just to view the possible outputs.

Yeah, but the machine tells you what you’ll get before you hit “mix.” So as long as you have the pigment to mix, you can see how many and of what color you’ll get.

Hey there,

So i’m about to get into mixing and paints… and i was given this utility from @wakeNbake. I’d really like to understand how to use it, but to be honest It’s not working well for me. I have a couple questions…

  1. Should I be using Tab1- Mixer, or Tab2-Mix Finder?
  2. My understanding of the process is:
  • Select the color pigments I will be using (Column D) from the drop down menu in cells D3 and D5. (Possibly selecting additional pigments in cells D6-D8 if i’m adding in extras.)
  • Select the pigment amounts i’d like to use/test in Column C - Cells C3 and C5. (Possibly cells C6-C8 if i’m using extras).
  • Output is then auto calculated and is displayed on line 4. C4 = quantity of output, D4 = color name.

Is this correct?

I’ve downloaded and saved a copy on my computer. But after selecting the colors from the drop down in D3 and D5 - and adding pigment quantity to C3 and C5, nothing happens. D4 just reads “#NAME?”.

Can anyone help with instructions on how to use this?

I’m not at my PC right now so I cant have a look for you sorry. Will see if i can figure out what’s happening later if I get on.

What i use though is the mixing tab to try mixing a couple of different colours and seeing what the results are, this tells me whether I need more or less of blue/green/red/yellow to achieve the result I want. Unfortunately it’s not going to be able to give you a recipe for the best way to mix but it will help you her your head around the way the mixing works.

Thanks! Yea i get the gist of how its supposed to work, i think. I’m just not sure which cells i’m supposed to modify. And where the output is displayed. I thought i should be able to enter my input colors, and it would estimate my output somehwere, right?

For example: If I input 1 white (top line), and 1 black (bottom line) it should auto calculate what my output would be on the center line, right?

I can see the “average” Lab down below. But i don’t see what the actual output would be.

Yep your output should be in the centre line. I’m not exactly sure what is happening… hopefully I didn’t link you a sheet where I had accidentally messed up the formula in the cell or something silly like that?

Maybe try and open a fresh copy from the link in this thread.

Can you share your copy? I might be able to figure out what went wrong that way!

Well i’m not sure how to share it.
I literally just went to your original link and downloaded a copy as an excel file.

Then i tried to play with it. I haven’t done any modifications otherwise.

There’s a share button in the top right.

I just tried changing values in the original, and it seems to work. Everything you say about what you’re inputting sounds correct!

What selections are you making? Maybe I can reproduce the issue.

Right. I can “view only” with the link you provided. Which means in order to edit it I have to make a copy, right? So I’ve downloaded to my desktop as an excel file.

When I open it - Cell D4 already reads “#NAME?” - which means i think it’s not working already.
But I’ve played with it a little to check.

So for example:
In Tab1:Mixer, I select cell D3 which currently reads “Vivid Turquoise” and I’ve selected “Silk Berry” cause i have a ton of that pigment.

Then I go to cell D5 which currently reads “Vivid Green” and selected “White” from the dropdown cause i have a lot of that as well.

But Cell D4 doesn’t change. It just reads “#NAME?”
The formula in that cell reads: =INDEX(K19:K273, MATCH(MIN(AQ19:AQ273),AQ19:AQ273,0),1)

I’m not sure if that is broken - or somehow got messed up because i downloaded it as an excel file?

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Ooooooh. I have no idea what downloading to excel would do. If you just make a copy within google sheets, you shouldn’t have the issue.

That formula should work in Excel, but there are others that could have gotten broken with the conversion.

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I think downloading it caused problems.
So I went to “file” and “make a copy” and made my own copy in google sheets.

The google sheet version works properly.

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Hurray! I’m glad you were able to get it useable! :smiley:

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Thank you for your patience and understanding!
Sorry to clog up the thread with troubles. Excited to play with the sheet and start mixing! :smile:

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