Goo Color Wheel

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Question for the community and the devs: does goo mutation occur along a RGB/CMYK color gradient? Or does it occur between the numbered color steps from the pallette? For example, if I want Luminous Tan, is it better to start with Cool Azure, which is only 6 steps away, or with Luminous Yellow, which is much closer chromatically, but is 22 steps away?

Based on my experience, it’s the latter (use yellow), but I’m also noticing that it’s really hard to get Luminous Yellow kernels, comparatively. So I’m wondering if I’m just missing the obvious here.


Colors in this game are weird, ever tried mixing blue and yellow? did you think green?
Its rust violet in this game. Red and blue imo should be violet not warm magenta btw… sowhat am I mising here? o_o

As there’s 255 colors in game I would not jump straight to green no. But I also have never mixed goo pigment so I know nothing about it. I don’t know if you can mix 2 blue and 1 yellow or anything like that. I don’t know what type of “concentration” the pigment has, or if you can add more than 1 to 1. If you stack 5 blue and 1 yellow would you get the same as 5 and 5?

My thought is if the amount you add changes the outcome you would have to play around and figure out the concentration levels. How blue is the blue and how yellow is the yellow. If you have more blue than yellow you wouldn’t end up right at green or even a shade of green. Just like if it’s too heavy on yellow over blue you can get a dark yellow.

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To bad i only have 2 pure blue pigments on hand, but 6 yellow and 14 red. Yellow red combination is orange all ready so no insights to get there.I can tell you that 2 blue and 1 yellow go to stale lilac. Might have to do with the 255 color palette ye.

Good point on visuals too, bright yellow looks more yellow than yellow.
Ok mixing on a 255 palette is definetly another thing than mixing irl

Keep in mind, I’m talking about the goo mutations, not mixing. Mixing is easy enough to test things on, and it appears to be working (at least as far as I can tell) largely as you would expect.

Sorry for derailing your thread @Firehazurd.

I asked this question a while back but no response from the devs. I think they want us to figure it out on our own. But i got weird results also when i did my testing.

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No need to apologize! I just wanted to make sure! The color mixing is also weird! I’m hoping to be able to do some tests on that soon!

A good test would be to see if black converts to Luminous Yellow easy (assuming the wheel loops), since they’d only be one step away.

Yellow = 123, 123, 34
Red = 232, 35, 35
Average = 177.5, 79, 34.5
Orange = 183, 95, 34
I am not seeing another color on the list closer than that.

Blue = 101, 101, 240
Yellow = 123, 123, 34
Average(2b1y) = 108.3, 108.3, 171.3
Stale Lilac = 143, 104, 166

Warm Blue = 111, 111, 191
This has a smaller delta (3+3+20 < 35+4+5) and also falls into a similar color family. Not sure how it works.

Stale likac is the 2nd closest color however using this method, so I’m perplexed.


my understanding is that the game uses HSLuv color and uses subtractive color mixing.

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Ye @FlippityFloop I just googled the 255 table in algorithms too. Its weird o_o need the values for the colors ingame like what is blue? 0,0,255 or something else etc

Welp, idk how to convert hex or RGB to HSL in Excel or Sheets so that will be a fun project for the weekend. Then I can see if I can work out a tool that predicts the correct color from the available list.

Block color by world has the color values list! It’s in useful resources thread.


Thanks, if you wanna make a guide so I dont have to here is a converter that might help ^^

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The colours are processed in CIELAB space for both mixing and mutating.
Colours are mixed as if they were light rather than paint. (Paint mixing is v. complicated and often ends in brown.)


Ah, in that case we need blue and green to make yellow! This is good info!

Thanks @james!
This is for both mutating and mixing?

Any chance of getting a table of L a b values for the 255 available colors? Before I strain my brain trying to convert the RGB/hex values that I have :laughing:

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I am 100% sure I will make at least one error if I manually punch all 765 color codes into that tool, then transfer all of them back into my sheet. But hey, I will give it a shot after work