I haven’t played around with the painting/tinting yet. Is it pretty straight forward or is there a guide I should be looking at?

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There is no guide about it, but you can search around the forum there is infos here and there.

  1. You have to harvest Goo wild plant on T5+ Exoworld that are elemental (burn,chill,toxic,etc…)

  2. You will have to create a farm with the Goo Kernel you prior harvested.

  • Maximum seed yield will be 95%
  • Crop yield is between 100% to 300%ish.
  • You can mutate Goo Plant color by farming them on Gleam Blocks(Raw to Lantern, it will improve maturity time with the later.)
  • The Goo Plant have a change to mutate to a different color even when not on gleam blocks (~10% chance)
    This all depend of the farm layout.
  1. Those Farmed Goo will drop Pigment

4.With these Pigments you can create Spray Can in the Pigment Processor(machine)

  • This is a way to get the desired color by mixing the pigments.
  1. Paint block with the Spray Can

If you need any clarification just ask, i will be pleased to answer.


Seems like a very hard work to get a spray can


Yeah I’m not sure how others feel about the process, but it doesn’t seem worth the time and effort to me…


I was hoping for a machine painting. Like you put the pigment in the machine and it starts painting blocks, with more efficient output if you use mass crafting

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There is machine to paint block. It use the spray can thought.

You get more Spray can in the Pigment Processor when there is coils attached to it. I do not remember the ratio.

1% per coil up to 10 I believe. I only have 5 coils and that gives 5% extra.

There is a guide for the color mixer :3


I do a bunch of goo farming. The current bests are 350% crop with something like 15-30% seed yield, but when mutating, it’s best to do a hybrid type of farm since you won’t have 100%+ seed yield ever. This lets you farm colors as you’re mutating, and lets you still get new colors. I’ll attach a screenshot of my current setup as well. It’s also worth mentioning you can have 24 power coils on a pigment processor for a maximum of 24% bonus spray yield

Edit: screenshot


I have the max # of coils and I get 24% more.

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For anyone who sees this or is looking to get into goo farming, rocks, gleam, and sponge are viable to plant in, but rocks don’t give you much of a bonus towards seeds. That’s where the 95% seed cap is hit right now. Gleam seems to be in the middle, and the sponge will do the worst for seeds, but the best for pigment yield. If you guys have more questions, we’ll be happy to help :blush:

If i remember correctly there is a pattern on rock that will give the most pigment yield overtime.

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So 1% per coil was correct. I just got my max mixed up with some other machine :grin: Good to know!

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If you could do a hybrid Farm on rock with crop yield then it’s possible. I haven’t actually tried to do that specific set up, because planting on rocks never seemed to be worth it over running on going where it could mutate or sponge to get the absolute maximum yield in one go

Edit: I will try that and update later

Here’s a brief one I put together a few days ago.

And another on different farm layouts