Farming Guide - in game: Farm School

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Thanks for setting this up, I’m finding it useful as I’m at the point of changing from max seed to sustain with a few of my crops!

I have spotted a couple of places where I have a little better percentages though, it may have already been pointed out to you, but thought I would give my input to help improve this excellent guide:

Ancient Oat, max seed

Swap the gleam in your example to mud to keep same max seed but bump crop up 30%

Oortian rice, max seed

You do point out that you can improve crop with seed but it varies, however all of my rice is at 120/115.

This is tricky to see where the differences are, as my rice fields have a different structure to yours, you would be welcome to come look, if it’s of interest.


Thanks @fidach!

Updated :slight_smile: The irony there is you can even see in the picture I have my own farm correct…lol!

Rice is trickier…I might look at a separate wing for rice just to cover all sorts of different build options…but that would be down the road after a couple other projects. lol

Thanks again,



Just a quick FYI since I have been asked a few times, the inorganic is down below…there is a big arrow pointing the way. :slight_smile:


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Exellent work on that Farm School. I just visited it to get a clue on how to set up my Plants.
Its really really Awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can I see your example goo farm please

Here’s a reply I posted in another thread showing the setups I’ve been using.

Goo farm setup


Yup - please see @wakeNbake 's link :slight_smile: (Thanks WakeNbake!)

I was waiting for goo to be sustainable before setting up a farm for it…that may not be coming.

I think I was on Alder before server restart last night; this should be what I do today!

Now with Spider goodness!

Still working on optimization and use of combined trellis styles.

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I just wanted to say thank you so much for all this work and information. This is one of my favorite places to hang out. Also thanks to you Ki’Rin Gardens made a few grand so far =D

Who do i message to get my portal there renamed?

Where all the portals? What’s the current route to get there?

Ho to fire born nova on alder then go to the cords where its located easiest way

There is a portal to the Farming school at the Sasquatchville hub. If you use the TNT network, simply go through the Alder portal and it will lead you to Sasquatchville. The portal will be on your right

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Thank you , found it!

It actually is 998 N 1212 E Alt 119, that explains why I couldn’t find it. :slight_smile:


Just wondering if farm school still exists. Also, are all the portal still open?

Yeah he has like two years of gleam club cords are above your post

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Sorry all been away for quite some time…looks like I need to update portals locs and all sorts of stuff!

Will take me a little bit, but I 'll get there. :smile:


Have an outdated farm and Ill be going to study the real knowledge of farming! Will have to look for the place the hard way though it seems xD

There was a portal to it at Sasquatchville a few weeks ago. Might still be there