Farming Guide - in game: Farm School

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Just a quick FYI since I have been asked a few times, the inorganic is down below…there is a big arrow pointing the way. :slight_smile:


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Exellent work on that Farm School. I just visited it to get a clue on how to set up my Plants.
Its really really Awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can I see your example goo farm please

Here’s a reply I posted in another thread showing the setups I’ve been using.

Goo farm setup


Yup - please see @wakeNbake 's link :slight_smile: (Thanks WakeNbake!)

I was waiting for goo to be sustainable before setting up a farm for it…that may not be coming.

I think I was on Alder before server restart last night; this should be what I do today!